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John P
Is blood presure...136 over 67....pulse 76 good or bad or normal.?

Anything below 120 over 80 is considered normal.

Blood pressure should not go above 140 over 90, and your pulse is normal.

Asa Rica
You should consult with a physician for determining blood pressure readings.

Dr Frank
136 is slightly elevated, bu the only advise I would give just now is have the nurse check it a couple more times.

Laurence W
The 67 diastolic is very good.

The jump of 69 points to 137 is not good. A 40 point increase is more typical. Your heart works extra to get the blood pumped around.

Your pulse of 76 is a touch high.

An exercise plan with light to moderate aerobics may help your upper bp number and resting pulse.

120/80 is the norm for blood pressure, but many people's blood pressure differ. Females in my wife's family have terrible headaches at 120/80. They feel good at about 95/65. With my bad arteries, I need a low BP that lets me function. With medication, it is about 96/64, pulse at 58-62.

With a lower pulse, your heart rests a little more, does a little less work. With lower BP, there is less pressure against your artery walls, reducing possibility of aneuysmal difficulties among other high blood pressure problems..

Systolic 136 is prehypertension, depending on underlying desease. If you have diabetes, you must lowering your BP.
Diastolic 67 is okay, but nowadays the focus of hypertension management is on systolic pressure.
Arterial pressure (136-67) is 69, is slight bigger than diastolic.
Pulse 76 is quiet normal.
I think you should remeasure about 3 times, at rest and relax condition, and calculate the average of your BP. So you can get the significant BP.

136 is a little high...keep checking it at the same time every day for a month and that will give you a better idea of what it is, because it changes every minute of the day

I think that's a good blood pressure and I don't agree that anything over a120 systolic is high. The recommended limit is 140/85 or 130/80 if you have diabetes or heart or kidney disease.

136 is your systolic pressure. 120 is the ideal, so that's borderline high, but nothing to worry about from one test. It can fluctuate.

67 is your diastolic, and the upper limit for that is 80. So that's perfect.

76 pulse is good for most people, but it also depends on age and activity level.

Basically, I think you're okay with those numbers.

Average BP is 120/60 and average pulse is 80 BPM (Beats per minute) at rest.
136/67 is average and so is a pulse rate of 76.
I would never use normal as there is no normal. The norm is probably the average mean reading 3 times from the same person. What I mean by that is, take your BP 3 times and your pulse and if they are roughly similar then you have nothing to worry about. Plus if you get an absurd reading on those electronic BP machines it could be the machine. They can be temperamental and occassionally throw out a crazy result.

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