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Is a resting heart rate of 96 high?

It is high. I had it (90-100) and it lead to high blood pressure and dizziness (pretty much the worst feeling I've ever had in my life so far). The doctor prescribed Lopressor. It took about a year for the blood pressure to go back to normal. The doctor said they are not sure why this occurs, it could be genetic, or diet/alcohol/smoke related. See a doctor if you don't want to end up with heart disease when you are older.

The best time to find your resting heart rate is in the morning, after a good night's sleep, and before you get out of bed. Your resting heart rate rises with age and a persons heart rate can be lower than someone who is an athlete.

Asif Ali
Hi. As far the pulse rate is concerned, the normal resting heart beat counts at an average rate of 72 per min. Regarding urs one, 96, its a bit high, suggesting some , in its least diagnosis as Anxiety otherwise some other pathological problems do anounce them an that way for example hyperthyroidism, anemia, low grade fever atc. The solution to find is lets first of all u should check ur sleeping pulse with someones help. If it counts the same then it is not anxiety because it has to get down during sleep. It may be due to other pathologies as mentioned. Go for the lab test for example CBC, TFTS, and others if indicated after ur clinical examination and history.

Yes it's relatively high

john e russo md
Most definintely. The resting heart rate should be 50 to 90. Previous to the ambulatory blood pressure and pulse recordings of the mid to late 1980s 60 to 100 was considered normal. These studies also found that 'first thing in the morning' resting pulse should be 50 to 70. Finally after more than several hundred ambulatory studies it became apparent that elevations in resting pulse rate are as important as elevations in blood pressure in predicting premature (less than age 65 for a woman) cardiovascular events (such as strokes and heart attacks). I would record your resting pulse rate when you first awake in the morning - write them down - and if they average above 70 per minute consult your physician.

Yes. Could be due to caffeine, rx, or infection?

65-80 is normal...try cutting down on your caffeine and see what happens.....

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