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Is Atrial fibrillation classed as Fatal'?
Additional Details

Ramona H
i'm not really sure about this one. hope all is ok with you.

Light W



Atrial fibrillation is not fatal in itself but is a dangerous arrhythmia and needs to be corrected. Because the atria are fibrillating, they aren't forcing blood effectively into the ventricles. This leads to blood pooling within the left and right atria. This can lead to the formation of blood clots which if they become dislodged can cause a stroke or pulmonary embolism. Both of which are highly undesirable as they could lead to severe disability or death.

There are many people that can have atrial fibrillation without any symptoms.

Atrial Fibrillation can manifest several ways and is fatal.
Love, honey

nanny chris w

here you are

Some people's cardiac rhythm stays in A-Fib. At the hospital a telemetry monitor is placed on the patient, a telemetry tech monitors your cardiac rhythm, while IV and oral meds are given the the patient, they are looking to see if the patient wll convert to normal sinus rhythm. But a person can convert back and forth, from Afib to NSR to Afib. Some people never convert. Afib can be fatal.

Light w thank you for all links, respect.x

Bounceybelle thanks for asking I needed to see, my sister died from heart failure, what does that say to me in a good way almost like someone else spoke to me then, respect.x

Tracy M
Atrial fibrillation (a-fib) is not a fatal or lethal rhythm. It can make you feel tired and short of breath. Some people can feel the rhythm beating irregularly, while others do not.

In a-fib, the top chambers (atria) of the heart are beating rapidly, but not completely, kind of quivering or "fibrillating"...sometimes the ventricles (bottom chambers) try to keep up with the rhythm (referred to as rapid ventricular response, with a rate faster than 100 BPM)and this is when it's can be more concerning.

Since the top chambers are not pumping completely or very efficiently, two things happen: you lose about 20% of your cardiac output, which can make you feel pretty crappy, and second, little clots can form up in those chambers since they are not contracting completely like they should. These clots could break loose and cause a stroke. This is the main risk associated with atrial fibrillation. Most patients with this condition are on potent blood thinners to prevent clots from forming.

Some people are in atrial fibrillation forever and remain on blood thinners and medications to keep the rate controlled. Others undergo cardioversion (shocking the rhythm back to a normal rhythm) and placed on antiarrythmic meds to keep their rhythm normal.

Hope this helps!

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