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 Who should i speak to when my GP messes up administration of prescribed drugs in UK?

 Is it true that heart attacks are more related to blood pressure than age?
does a 20 year old with high blood pressure have a greater chance of a heart attack than a 90 year old with great blood pressure?...

 Blood pressure questions?
I went to the doctor today and had a blood pressure of 120/100. Im a little concerned, even though the doctor said for my age(25) he wouldn't worry. Are those numbers REALLY bad? Also, my mother,...

 What are symptom's of a heart attack?
ok so my husband earlier today said he was having some chest pains with pressure something he's never had before and im freaking out now. are those heart attack symptom's? what else do you ...

 My father needs to undergo heart surgery. we don mind going to any city for treatment. any suggestions??????
have heard about medical tourism and would like to know more....

 Chest pains but on my RIGHT side?
ive had chest pains for short period of time (couples of minutes) a few times this week but only on the right side of my chest. which is confusing me. i run regularly and eat well. not overweight at ...

 What does it feel like to have a heart attack??

Additional Details
Please, something more specific than just "chest pain"....

 Teen- High blood pressure?
My bp was 116/72 at walmart. I went to the doctor and it was 122/72 and I was nervous. Is this bad? I am a15 year old girl and weigh 197 lbs....

 What side is the heart on????????

 My blood pressure is around 135/93.?
I'm 25 years old and I've had blood pressure issues ever since I had my daughter in January 2008 after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.I take blood pressure medicine at night and haven...

 I had a heart attack 6 years ago, and a resulting Coronary angioplasty.?
I had two stents inserted inserted into the artery. To my knowledge this has never been checked; should it be ??...

 Is it normal for a person's heart to hurt from time to time?
sometimes when the rhythm of my heartbeat messes up temporarily, ive felt a squeezing pain in my heart. the pain is intense but lasts for only 0.2 seconds or so. i get this sort of pain about once ...

 Can a man live when his pulse rate is 20 for 1minute?

 My heart rate stays well above hundred , and my blood pressure will go up and then down in a matter of minutes

 Why check kidneys for high blood pressure?
I went in for my high blood pressure today. I had an EKG (which turned out fine), and the doc ordered an ultrasound of my kidneys and some artery along with a chest x-ray for tomorrow. He was in a ...

how are these conducted?...

 How are Drugs Categorized?

 Eggs and Cholesterol?
In age old debate, some doctors warn you against eating eggs because of their high cholesterol, especially in those with existing high cholesterol levels. Yet, studies show that there is little to no ...

 Should I have my thyroid out?
I was Hyperthyroid but now my condition is stable. However I have been told that in up to 90% of men the condition could re-occur. The option is to have it out and go onto Thyroxin for life. Does ...

 Can I have a heart attack at age 35?
I'm 35, 5 foot 6 and about 175 pounds. I do some running and stair climbing at the gym once or twice a week, and sometimes I'll climb seven flights of stairs a day at work, just to feel ...

In medical terms, what does abnormal ECG or EKG mean?

EKGs monitor and record your heart's rhythm and functioning. An abnormal EKG means a problem, whether its big or small, was found.

An abnormal reading can indicate a heart murmur or arrythmia, damage to the heart from a past heart attack, or indicate a blockage.

to really answer your ?, an abnormal EKG is one that is not normal
this question can only be answered by reading a cardiology text...there are literally thousands of abnormalities on an EKG some are lethal and others are not...
can you be more specific?

An electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) is a test that measures the electrical signals that control the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Ken S
An ECG aka EKG measures the force and direction of electrical flow in the heart. An "abnormal" finding would simply mean that the flow differs from what is expected in most hearts. This can be caused by many factors. It could be that the electrical pathways have been damaged by a current or old heart attack (infarct). It could be that the pathways are not conducting properly due to blockage of the coronary arteries reducing the blood and oxygen to part of the heart (ischemia). Another possibility is that abnormal levels of electrolytes such as sodium, Potassium, and Calcium are interfering with the conduction. It could also be that the pathways just conduct the impulses in a different direction and force than in most hearts due to the natural variations that occur from one person's body to the next. Someone trained in cardiology would have to look at the EKG to see what's abnormal about it before deciding what it means in a particular person.

It mean an abnormal electrocardiogram. Both abbreviations mean the same thing and basically it says you electrocardigram was not normal.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
It is a vague term, and can be used for high/low levels of Na,K,Ca, and myocardial toxicity of of cardiac drugs e.g digoxin.
It can be used for myocardial infection (myocitis), valvular diseases,conduction defects etc.
Normally it is used for a shift in the normal pattern of myocardium rhythm as documented in myograph of ECG/EKG.

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