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Im having gallbladder surgery,how long is the surgery and is there a hospital stay?
i had a hidda scan for my gallbladder,it came back abnormal,need surgery.will my pain go away after this surgery,is the surgery painful an do i have to stay in the hospital,if so how long?the surgery is to take out my gallbladder.......

I'm sorry but I'd expect any operation to be quite painful..
But umm they will use medicine to reduce the pain ^^
And I guess it depends on the hospital and what the doctors think is best for you :/
It depends on how quickly you recover.. maybe a day - a week?

Had the surgery a year ago on an outpatient basis. They give you plenty of painkillers when you wake up and even before. Surgery is normally laproscopic unless complication arises. They will give you a sedative like Versed, Fenatanyl for pain (or similar) and then succsinylchilline. Those three put you to sleep, they will put a breathing tube down your throat to help you breath during sedation. Surgery lasts about 45min to 1 hour depending on the surgeon and what is presented. After surgery, the first 24 hours is the worst. Even with Oxycodone, I slept at most for 1 hour at a time. I was off of the painkillers and on IB in less than a week and I went cross country on job interviews 2 weeks later. Full lifting takes about 1 month. Also, while on the painkillers, make sure you eat to prevent vomiting. I didn't and oh boy. It's not that bad. Have a caregiver for the first few days after to help you out. Hope this helps

The surgeon will remove your gallbladder. The surgery is generally done with a laprascope, which means tiny incisions and faster recovery time. I had my gallbladder removed and only stayed overnight in the hospital. I know that some people are released the day of the surgery. It just depends on where you get it done.

There will be some pain associated with the surgery, but you will be sent home with pain medication that should keep your pain at bay.

You will have to make some dietary changes after your surgery. The function of the gall bladder is to store bile. When you eat, bile is released into your digestive system to aid in digestion. Without your gallbladder, you will have to make some adjustments to make up for this. You will have access to a nutritional counselor who can tell you exactly what you should and shouldn't eat.

Good luck with your surgery. As far as surgeries go, this is a relatively low risk procedure.

odd duck
I had mine out about a year and a half ago. It wasn't bad, and sure beat the pain before I had it out!!! Mine was an emergency surgery because it was so bad they thought that I had stones in my ducts and intestines too. Mine was done lapriscopically, and only took about an hour and a half. I had 4 incisions, so tiny, 3 on my side and one in my belly button. I think they did more on me because they had to explore some, so they needed different spots to see what they needed to see. I felt better as soon as I woke up from surgery!! The pain was gone, and I was up back to my normal routine in less then 3 days. There is a little pain with any surgery, so don't expect to have no pain. Just take the painkillers they give you for 24 hours and then I was able to just take Tylenol and Aleve and be fine.

Just be careful of what you eat after!! A lot of people have problems with fat after they surgery and it can cause a lot of digestional problems. Some don't have a problem so just start slow. Trust me, you will feel so much better after you have this done!!!

If you are having a laprascopic cholecystectomy, you can leave the hospital the same day after you have urinated, taken some oral fluid and if your pain is under control.
If you have an open cholecystecomy where they make an incision in your abdomen, you will go home the next day providing your able to take orally, urinate, and are not running a fever.
Our patients do so well, the physician usually sends them home with 20 Darvocet tablets.
The lap surgery takes about 30 minutes. The open chole takes a little bit longer because of the time it takes to sew you up.

My ex was able to have his gallbladder removed via laproscopic surgery, where they make 2 or 3 small incisions. He spent the night in the hospital, then came home. For a few days afterward he felt some pain/discomfort, but had pain meditation to take care of it. The surgery itself was pretty quick, around an hour or so, and he was under General Anesthesia (completely asleep).

Not sure if yours is laproscopic, or if they have to take it out making one large incision. The larger incision does have a longer recuperation time.

you should have asked the doctor at the hospital these questions. it might be different for everyone.

most gallbladder surgery is out patient,

however, as they'll tell you, if something goes wrong they may have to cut you across your stomach, if that happens, you'll be there for a few days..

other things that might increase your stay.. reaction to pain meds, high tolerance to pain meds (they can't get your pain under control).

It depends on what kind of surgery you are having. If you are having the simple laser surgery, that is routinely done on an outpatient basis and you can go home the same day. If they are going in with traditional incision, you may stay a night or two. You should call your doctors office and ask.

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