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Im having bad chest pains? what could it be?
My mom says is anxiety and so does my family..

but i really dont think so..
my family has a very big heart problems.. congestive heart failure. Stints in the heart.. pacemakers to keep the heart running. enlarged hearts... aphibs/murmurs... alot more i cant think off the top of my mind.. Its scary for me..

Ohkay now to my problem..

I have a chest pain right over my heart. sometimes it knocks the wind outta me. sometimes it will wake me from a deep sleep. or ill be having a great time with my friends and the next thing you know ill drop right to the ground grasping my chest. But my mom says its anxiety??? WTF is wrong.. how do i convince her that it could be possibly more..

and yeah for the past 3 weeks i havent had those bad of problems but its been a straight pain that im kinda getting used to but it makes having fun not fun anymore..

im 16, 250lbs and 6ft 1
living my life to its fullest everything is going possibly right for me..
what could be the problem???

thanks if you give me legit answers and something i maybe able to use

Additional Details
Ohkay again sorry..

i didnt explain that im native american and im quiet fit my body fat level is like 15% i know its alot..

But trust me im not fat...

if i had a picture of me as i am right now id put it up but everything is old like 8-9 months ago..

But yeah my family has had problems with obesity..

But ive never had that problem..

So people stop saying im over weight
I am pretty much thin i ware a size 34 in pants and a Large in shirts

Cate M
That's sounds like a spasm. I have them in my back where I just collapse from pain. It could be serious and you should see a doctor. I will tell you that I seriously doubt it's anxiety. If it were, you wouldn't be waking in the middle of the night due to pain. I have never heard of that happening. My best friend is getting married in a month and has been very anxious about costs and all and this isn't something that has happened to her. I've had 2 anxiety attacks before and that's not one of the symptoms. Shallow breathing, the feeling of not being able to breathe like walls are closing in on you are the main symptoms. One can also experience stomach knotting and pains, but chances are it's something else. Go see a doctor as soon as you can.

you shouldnt count out anxiety

Jules G
You need a doctor, if your parents won't take you see your teacher or an advocate of some kind.

250lbs is way over weight too which won't help.

I had chest pains that were scary and it ended up being that the cartilage between my ribs would expand and that was causing the chest pain. They told me to take up to 3200 mg of Ibuprofen a day to reduce the swelling and that it would be temporary - I didn't take that much Ibuprofen but I took some and it was temporary.

Oh, one more thing - the doctor pushed on my chest and said if it were my heart it wouldn't hurt if he pushed on my chest like that. (It did hurt BTW)

You need to go to a doctor, and find out the problem with you. There is obviously something this causing the problems that you're going through. It could also be something like asthma too.

Duke O
Those are all very serious problems that usually do not manifest themselves so early. However, it is very possible to have one of those problems this early in your life, especially if you are obese.
You could be built very well and that's why you weigh so much. But unless you can bench a Volkswagen I'd put my money on fat. First I'd try not living so "full" if you get what I'm saying.
Visit your doctor, as these are very serious problems, and if you have one you could easily have a heart attack at any time. Talk to him about a diet, see if you're hypertensive, and find out if you need medication.
There are some things parents should ignore, chronic thoracic pain is not one of those things. Tell you mom you need to see a doctor because there could be something seriously wrong with you. If she's worried about money for a dr. visit tell her it costs far less for preventative check ups than if you wait for something bad to happen and you need open heart surgery for example.

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