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 How can I lower blood pressure safely without this medication?
I currently take 'bisoprolol fumarate" 5 mg and lisinopril 10 mg for high bp. It was like 185/95. I have been on this about 3 months. It makes me feel bad and interferes with sleep. I ...

 I thought i was having a heart attack, but i think it was indigestion?
having never had indigestion before, the other nite i was woken by the most painful ache in my back and in my ribs, i really thought i was having a heart attack, i was sick too and thought i was ...

 Why do you get high blood pressure?

 Is it really possible to die of a broken heart?
Can one die b/c his or her heart is in disrepair?
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I cannot choose a "BEST ANSWER"
each of you have different experiences with this "broken heart ...

 My blood pressure was high?
anyone no if 155/108 is very bad i no its not good and i am on a med for it already but should i contact a doctor? in the middle of getting a new dr so maybe the med center if anyone thinks its ...

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 Can CPR kill victim?
can CPR change normal hearth rythm into deadly VF, VT, PEA, asystole?

say: u do CPR on someone who lost consciousness but still has normal hearth ...

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 What hurts your heart...?

 What's the best cure for a broken heart?

 I measures my blood pressure becaus I have high blood pressure and it was 130/ 60 pulse. Is this high?

 How many times has your heart been broken ?

 I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help
It has only started about two nights ago. If this is an emergency, please tell me quickly because I haven't been feeling any pain at all. I've only been feeling drowsiness and skipping of ...

 My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
My doctor said I have 4% of a stroke or heart attack when I am older.
Should I worry though?
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I don't drink, smoke, and I walk 5 miles a day (walk to work)...

 What if a person's heart doesn't start after a surgery?
even if the electric shock doesn't work, does that mean he/she is dead??...

 Can eating eggs increase your cholestrol level?

 How can I lower my cholesterol without medication? Are there supplements I can use or something else?

 Husband having rapid heart rate...........?
He is 35 with a history of mild hypertention.Has been feeling bad for 3 days.Heartbeat irregular and fast.Tired alot...wont go to the doctor.Ive gotten him into an emergency room a few years ago but ...

 The center of my chest hurts and my heart rushes when climbing one flight of stairs. what's the cause?
where I work at I have some stairs to climb. maybe 16 steps. Before I reach the top I am totally out of breath and my heart is really racing. I really need some help with this one. Can you help?

 Hey im having severe pain in heart/chest wot do i do?

Additional Details
im 20 and a girl

wots a ...

Gary Mac
If your blood pressure is 120 over 68, what does that mean?
Is 68 too low or is it a good thing?

120 over 70 is the norm so you are wonderful!!

thats fine

Thos are both normal and reasonable numbers. With that said the AHA changed the recommendation, what used to be normal was 120/80, but seeing as just about everyones expanding waist size and poor eating habits the AHA (American Heart Association) had now deemed 120/80 pre-hypertensive. So while your bp is normal, you should still watch your diet and exercise. You might also consider getting your cholesterol checked.

Sharon N
that pressure would be the envy of all people...perfect

Dennis K
It's good.

give peas a chance
68 is not too low. As long as you are not passing out your blood pressure is just fine.

its good, average is 120 over 80, so your normal

Outspoken but Honest
I would think that its about perfect

That it's perfect!

your bottom line is abit low by bout 2 but nothing to worry about and your top is right. lucky you i dont think ive seen that with me in 16yrs

Sounds about right.

Sounds fine to me.

Jim H

It means your ticker is in fine form. Perfect.

That makes my doctory senses tingle. Lovely.

Assuming that you are a healthy adult, your blood pressure is fine. The Systolic blood pressure can range for 90 (mm Hg) to 120 (mm Hg), and the normal range for diastolic bloood pressure can range from 60 (mm Hg) to 80 (mm Hg).
Current guidelines state normal blood pressure as lower than 120/80. If your blood pressure is 130/80 then it is considered high.

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