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 Waiting on lab results....ewwwww..i'm nervous?
two weeks ago i had blood drawn for tests...i 've called to make an appt to recieve my lab results/.....but they do not have any appts available///....if something was abnormal would they have ...

 How can I prevent calcium and plaque buildup in veins & arteries?
Exercise, I know, is a key factor. Are there any foods that can help stop or reduce this kind of blockage?...

 What are the consequences of low blood pressure?

 I I'm 30 weeks pregnant and keep having heart pains then so I go to sleep then when I wake up my nose be bleed
I am 30 weeks pegnant and keep have heart pains and so I go to bed but when I get up I be having realy bad nose bleed can anyone tell me why?...

 Heart murmer causing causing me to become out of breath quickly?
I always get out of breath quickly when running or playing sports and my doctor said that I might have a hear murmer but I haven't gotten it check out yet. Is it possible that a heart murmer ...

 I just started taking lisinopril ..can i drink alcohol with it ??
ok i was big into partying 19 through 21 i havnt drank in 4 months mostly because ive been out of state ..but when i go back to MA this summer im going to want to relax party and have a good time i ...

 Would a fit cyclist (age 50) have high blood pressure simply his heart is that much stronger than normal ?
My typical pressure is 140/85. (An hour or so after a ride does it does tend to go down to 120/70, for about 2-3 hours). I eat well, don't smoke, don't drink caffeiene, and have a slim body ...

 Chest pain in 18 year old?
for the past..10 minutes, I've been having a sharp-ish chest pain. It feels like its a little hard to breath, but my breathing pattern has not changed. It started being left sided,, pretty much ...

 My arms fall asleep everynight and when I lay them by my side, below my chest the sensation of my arms return?

 Does your heart ever skip a beat is it normal?

 High cholestrol?
if a person is on cholestrol medication to control it's level, is there any harm to not follow the drs' order to take a pill each night. Can people take a pill every other night instead? W...

 If 1/2 half of all Americans are dying from cholesterol clogged arteries and ?
the 'normal' cholesterol level in Americans is 200mg, would that not be considered a lethal level?...

 If I am 43, with mild ED, does that mean I will have a heart attack soon?

 Blood Pressure....?
Can high blood pressure make your face red?...

 I am 21 and have mitral valve prolapse, my med. doesnt seem to be working, and my symptoms are worsening. help

Help with the details about how to avoid the CHD.
Plz give the answer in detail n also mention the ...

 Can drinking too many energy drinks give you a heart attack?

 How much money does it cost to see a ♥ Doctor?
i feel a weird rythem in my heart sometimes to where it slows down pumps really big and slows speeds up and then normal, but short on $...

 High blood pressure?why?
Im 19 would describe myself as an active person?im not overweight (5 11 .10 stone 3)dont drink,never smoked.i am partial to the odd take away once a week!but this aint that odd.
my freind got a ...

 Heart problems in family?
hi there, my family friends father just passed away and me and my mum were talking and basically she told me that

im highly at risk from heart problems because:

1. my dad'...

If you have aortic valve stenosis can you ride the roller coasters?
my son has this and the doctors have never said he can or cant never really thought about it before cause when he was younger he didnt like them now he is 12 and wants to go on them would this be ok

My son was born with this and has now had his valve replaced. We asked the same question and his cardiologist advised against it. Luckily he's not really bothered about them anyway.
Speak to his cardiologist as everyone is different and I guess it probably depends on the severity of it

he should not

Shannon T
My son has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and has been okay'd to ride all ride except those which go upside-down, and anti-gravity rides...

All kids are different though, and you should ask your son's Cardiologist about his specific condition and restrictions.

Cardiac Physiologist
Aortic stenosis can vary from mild to severe, contact your doctor who can advise you, although presuming your son has never been advised not to exert himself and doesn't get chest pain or dizzy spells it should be fine

One life.
All cases differ greatly, best to consult your GP as he should know exact details etc.

my daughter was born with aortic valve stenosis and has just had the Ross procedure done.
She loves fast rides and she specifically asked her cardiologist about this: he said she could go on fast rides as her heart is ok at the moment and he thinks rides should only be avoided with conditions that effect the electrical functioning of the heart.

Please don't take my answer as conformation though. The safest thing to do would be to ask your sons cardiologist.

best wishes

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