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If you are in the hospital for cardiac arythmia and you are hooked up 2 heart monitors do u have 2 have an IV?
Also do heart monitors hurt?

maheswari m
This Patient Guide is written for the loved ones of heart patients who are dealing with the short-term stress that comes with a test, procedure or recent diagnosis of heart disease. It explains why support is so important to a loved one with heart disease. It also offers practical strategies on how to support a loved one while also taking care of yourself.

You don't necessarily need to have IV to be hooked up to the monitor, but depending on what your doc thinks is going on and if you need any meds, then you may get one.

Heart monitors do not hurt. They will attatch some wires to stickers they will put on you. It will feel just like having stickers or tape on you, so it may hurt when they take them off, but just the same as say ripping off a band aid.

Melanie D
I am a Respiratory therapist so I can probably answer your question fairly accurately. It depends on what type of monitoring they will be doing. For a simple EKG or ECG there will be some wires hooked to adhesive patches on your skin which doesnt hurt. But if they are invasively monitoring your heart with a CVP or Swan-Ganz catheter they will put you to sleep or give you some like Ativan or Versed to do the procedure. So it wont hurt, but it is a very invasive procedure with many complications. Sounds to me though it would be a simple EKG b/c of an arrythmia. As for an IV, the Swan-Ganz does have an IV in one of the lumens. But for the EKG, I've never heard of an IV being used. Hope this helped.

In the hospital where I work, we have a policy which says you must have an IV if you are on a heart monitor which is known as telemetry. The reason for the IV is in order to correct an arrhythmia we have captured on the telemetry monitor using IV medications. These arrhythmia's are not necessarily fatal, but if we see them and if we can correct them with IV medications, we like to do it as soon as possible, and we like to watch the monitor while we are doing it. We use a variety of drugs...everything from Digoxin to a Cardizem drip to Adenosine and many more.
It does not hurt to have the heart monitor on. The leads are attached to the right and left chest wall above the nipple line and also below the nipple line and then there is one lead in the middle.
Sometimes we do more intense 24-48 hour holter monitors at the same time. These leads are fastened down with heavy tape and they do not hurt either. We take the monitor off after the allotted time is over and a cardiologist reads the monitor strips.
Try not to worry too much about it. Its pretty standard. I am a heart patient since I was 17 and I am also a RN and telemetry certified.
Also, you do not have to have an IV for an EKG.

Mike G
Oy vey.

Yes you need an I.V. in case they need to give you medicine, HOWEVER, you can request that they don't give you one unless they are SURE you need medication. They will probably tell you they need it to take blood though, and they do. Request a small needle if your scared.
And heart monitors do not hurt at all. They just stick stickers on your chest and they snap wires on the stickers so the wires can feed your heart rate to a machine and they can see your EKG.

if you are on a monitor for an arythmia, of course you will have an iv for an injection site if not for anything else.

Lacey G's Stalker :))
Yes it is common practice and policy to insert an IV on someone who is at risk for or having heart arrhythmias... This is because, a mild arrhythmia has a great chance at changing to a very serious fatal arrhythmia... to keep you from dieing, we need the IV access so that we could administer Emergency Cardiac drugs to keep you alive, if this situation would arise.

Heart monitors do not hurt. The box will have wires attached to it... Usually 5 leads... but some boxes only have 3 leads (wires).... at the end of the wire is a little round metal head that kind of looks like a little watch battery... these are placed onto you using sticky pads... it wont hurt at all... but if you are a man with a hairy chest, you should let them shave or clip away the hair because when its time to remove the box, it will hurt to take off the sticky pads... kind of like getting a bikinni wax! Ouch!

The IV does pinch a little when they stick it in... but once it's in, you wont even notice it... You've had shots before... so you know how it feels to get a needle. Personally, I would ask them not to put the IV in your hand because those hurt a little more... ask if they can put the IV in your arm instead.

Good Luck to you,
Nurse Angie

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