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If someones had a small heart attack is a bigger one likely to occur?

yes and almost always fatal. sorry to say.

susan m
Not necessarily, i would take this as warning sign i would change my life style and take all the advice offered to me by the medical professionals to reduce the risk of a massive heart attack. good luck.

smith and jones
simple answer is yes and no but it time to change your ways

I had a heart attack feb this yr and got stants put in my heart and now i take ten pills a day i never drank smoked fit as a fiddle 5 ft2 ins and 9stone 5lbs worked as a builders labourer eat healthy so it dosnt matter about size, or fitness but i will tell you i hope i dont have another the pain is unbelievable

Bruce Almighty
I remember reading in several medical books which noted that people who've sufferred one heart attack (big or small), and survived, then that person's chance of another heart attack increases substantially. However, if that person's lifestyle and eating habits were to change radically for the better then they can reduce the chances of a second heart attack substantially.

My understanding is that the heart suffers irreparable damage to its cardiac muscle tissue resulting in a less efficient heart. Because of this, the person who sufferred the heart attack needs to be careful in regards to their level of physical activity post heart attack. It's a catch 22 situation to be sure. The heart patient's doctor will recommend a suitable exercise regimen and diet for them. In essence, if the heart patient doesn't change their lifestyle or eating habits, with their compromised heart, then they will most certainly suffer a second - often fatal - heart attack for the reasons mentioned above.

Not necessarily, especially with all of the new medication that are prescribed for people who have had heart attacks that lower their risk of having another.

if they change their life style they would reduce the risk

Every step they take to living a healthier lifestyle will reduce the risk greatly

yes. if a person doesn't fix bad habits and eliminates the reason why he/she got the first heart attack

there is certainly an increased risk of this occurring but if a healthier lifestyle is adopted and a low dose of Aspirin taken regularly then the likelihood is drastically reduced.

Yep.... that's what the doctors say....so be very careful...

The chances are huge if the life style is not changed after the 1st one.

90% chance

Yes. A small one is a warning sign. It is telling you that soemthing is wrong with the heart.
Do something about it right away. Get with your doctor and reduce that chance of it re-occurring.

Amanda K
My dad had about eight small ones but no big one.

Lisa W
yep high positiblity, thats what happened with my dad, he had 2 minor and then a major, they said he wouldnt survive but he did, get yourself/ the person conserned checked out ASAP. before it gets worse.
good luck.

david t
thats your first warning change life style

yes its a warning to change your diet and life style

it is very possible but if they have been given good advice on preventing further progression of heart problems and if they are complying with that advice, then they have a good chance of staying well.

if someone has a small heart attack it is likely that they will have anouther that is bigger in later life

anne b
not always no coud be warning and there are lots more medication today to prevent another but tell him to take care .good luck

Yes, it is more likely to occur than if they had no history of heart attack. It is not necessarily a foregone conclusion though, especially if they follow their doctor's orders and watch their diet, etc...

I've known people who have lived a long full life after only one heart attack.
Usually after a heart attack the patient is put on medication and advised on diet and to stop smoking, if they do smoke.
Most of the time a heart attack is a wake-up call and the person will change their life style to insure a better, longer life.

In reality there is no such thing as a big or small heart attack as the chances of surviving ANY type of heart attack is 50%. Once you have had one heart attack then yes you are at an increased risk of further attacks. But with medication, treatment such as angioplasty or bypass surgery and suitable lifestyle changes (ie not smoking, eating healthier and exercising regularly) the risks of further attacks can be substantially reduced.
In the UK it is estimated that someone has a heart attack every 2 minutes, so out of the 30 per hour, it is likely 15 will die. Now the majority of these people didn't know beforehand they were going to have a heart attack and not survive, so were not necessarily concerned about it.

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