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I have a tingling feeling in my left arm.What is it???
I have a tingling feeling in my upper left arm and have never got it before. It sort of vibrates. Im worried tat something is happening to me. btw im only 16 years old. And it keeps viberating. Am i at risk of anything ? rlly worried does any1 kno wut this is?

omg you have aids

yo go to the hospital and get off the internet before you have a heart attack , left arm numbness is an early sign of heart problems, how you come back to rate my answer the best!!!!

being that you're a teenager you might know of the show the whitest kids you know, one of the guys had a tingling in his arm and he had a brain tumor.

i doubt it's that serious but you should have it checked out, the same thing happened to one of my friends and she's fine, like she had a brain tumor, but she got it removed and she's fine

just get an mri

Frank J
You have a pinched nerve or what is considered a stinger by football players.

Jeanne B
Don't start worrying. It may be as simple as having pressed against a nerve for too long, like when you sit on your foot too long. It may be other things, but your doctor needs to check that out.
Try changing your position often, and being sure you aren't leaning on your arm, or using it the wrong way. Make notes about how you feel so you can discuss this intelligently with your doctor. let me know how it goes.

a pinched nerve.....
a strained muscle...

Live HAppy <3
It could be just lactic acid build up in your arm - [ a metabolic waste byproduct ] this could cause the tingling feeling.

This tingling sensation could also result from an inflammation of the nerves. This could result from several causes including iron deficency anemia or nutritional vitamin deficency or it could even be arm parathesia [ http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/sym/upper_arm_paresthesia_tingling.htm ]

I highly doubt this has anything to do with your heart [ since you are so young & do the pains shoot in to your neck? or are they even shooting pains? ] but I suggest you visit your doctor for a proper evaluation.

Good luck :]

Kaylin H
You probably lost blood circulation, which means your arm is numb. So if you layed on your arm while napping or anything like that then that's probably why. -Kaylin

I don't know what it is—but it doesn't sound as serious as it would if you were 46. If you continue to have concerns have it checked out by your doctor; beyond that it is impossible to say anything about this on a board..

sounds like a muscle spasm..
Here is a link that explains it in detail, look it up see if its what you are suffering from, it also tells you what to do to make it stop.

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