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I have a jittery nervous feeling in my heart..?
I'm a little worried that I could possibly be pregnant but I really KNOW i'm not because I've taken Yaz perfectly for about 6 months now. I'm also going through a rough time with my fiance right now. He is going to be leaving in 6 months and we will only see each other HOPEFULLY once a month. My heart, although not beating really fast, just feels jittery and it feels like my insides are shaking. Is this just anxiety? How can I stop it? Thank you =)

Jesus C
go to your doctor or maybe your in love?

Dianne S
It does sound like anxiety. Sounds like you need to practise some relaxation techniques.
I have found a wonderful product called 'Rescue Remedy'. It is drops that you can put in water (they don't have a taste). It is made from flower extracts and is totally natural. I even use it with my two girls. When you drink the water with the drops in it you can feel your body calming down.
I have also found concentrating on my breathing really helps, taking slower more deliberate breathes can help settle the body as well.
I wish you all the best.

It does sound like anxiety but you should still see a doctor because it also sounds like an atrial flutter. Which is a serious condition.
Atrial flutter is different from an atrial fibrillation and doesn't really mean that it will feel fast.

Don't take any chances, get checked.

Yes! It just sounds like anxiety. You may be having a small anxiety attack..

If it gets worse, then go to the ER.

Good luck with your fiancee - try as hard as you can to keep this difficult relationship up!


Gotz V
Drink heavily. It'll help you calm down.

that sounds like anxiety.. you should get some medical help.

You have to go to a doctor. It's most likely nothing, but why take the chance? This isn't something yahoo answers can diagnose (at least not in a reliable way).

well birth control is only 99.9% effective. you could be that .1%

but it could also be anxiety idk

Best to see the doctor Lucy. If it is anxiety, he may give you a course of Diazepam or similar. If it is the start of arterial fibrillation he might start you on a course of beta blockers. Only way to tell is to have that check-up.

I think its a mix of anxiety, stress, and nervousness. I went through the same thing in my relationship and I had those symptoms. Just think positive, take a pregnancy test, and keep your relationship strong. You should feel better.

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