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 Warning signs of a heartattack?

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 I get slight chest pains alot. I am a 21 year old overweight female.?
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 Why does my heart sometimes hurt when I breathe in ?
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 How to find one person is having Heart Attack?

 How can i take the blood pressure of a obese people?

 My Heart is racing?
My heart has been racing for at least 4 years. It used to happen just once a month and race for about an hour or two. I had to wear a heart monitor but they said it was normal for a kid my age (i'...

 How low would a person's heart rate have to be to need to be hospitalized?
And need to be heart monitored 24/7 and all that stuff? And bonus question if anyone knows, how high?
Additional Details
Hmm.... I used to have a heart problem, and they made me go to ...

 When your heart beats extremly fast is this a sigh of a heart attack?
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 Doctor's appointments?
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 High Blood Pressure 177/112?
I tested 177/112 today I know it's high but how concerned should I be if I feel fine?...

 I woke up and my heart was beating rapidly and i was sweating after i was awake it slowed back down what could

 Ia am am 28 , my BP reads 160/100.now started medicine and its now 125/85.how long i can live???
I am going to marry this year but tensed , coz someone said am at high risk of cardiac problems. ams o young also. how long i can controll it with drugs. what about the side effects.please advice.......

 Hearts specialist??
I'm 16 and I'm a jouiner in high skool and i want to star getting perpared for college. I want to be a cardiovascular sergon, i wan to person that si a heart specialist to send e sum ...

 Misdiagnosis...should I talk to a lawyer?
A internist ordered tests heart echocardiogram and liver ultra sound, plus the usual blood and urine tests. I was told by the Dr that he would CALL ME with the results. After waitng a week I called ...

 Does anybody know of people who have suffered congestive heart failure for many years?
medications are becoming much better and I know of 2 people who were given 6 months to live over 30 years ago and still doing well now in their 70'...

I have PVC's. How do you deal with them?
Hello~ I have pvc's (premature ventricular contractions)
I've been to the dr/ Cardiologist, had a EKG, an ultra sound, and have worn a hear monitor for 48 hours. I was told that they could put me on a beta blocker to maybe help with them, but I don't want to take meds. They also said that dropping a few lbs, and cutting out caffeine would also help. So I stopped drinking all caffeinated products, and only have chocolate every now and then. I also lost a few lbs, but I've noticed that my heart rate dropped, and now I feel the PVC's more. I wanted to stop them not feel them more. How does one learn to live with this kind of issue? I feel them through out the day, and more at night. I'm told there not life threatening, but you can only wonder if that's 100% true. Your heart can do many different things, and if you already have pvc's then that it self is considered to be an irregular heartbeat.
I'm scared... scared to death. HELP ME! Please
Does any one have any advice?
Thanks much!

Just Chillin'
Isolated PVC's are not life threatening. We all have them; some more than others.

If you've been cleared by a cardiologist after and EKG, an ultrasound, and a 48 hour heart monitor, then you can relax about anything terrible happening anytime soon.

Learn how to relax and accept the occasional PVC as part of your life. Make sure you get an annual check up to keep your worries in check and let your MD know if things get worse.

Last of four brothers
The first time I had mine in 1992, it scared the crap out of me. That was 14 years ago, I have gotten used to it. Preserve your health in all respects, Sleep, lose some weight if that is an issue, no soda, cut out other stimulants. The Beta Blockers have some side effects that I definitely didn't like. But that is a personal decision which I won't give you any advice on except talk to your doctor.

Another bit of advice, when you have them, sit down, breathe slowly, relax and it will pass, like I said its been 14 years for me.

Frist of all when your heart rate slow down you will feel more pvc
secondly you must stop smoking
thirdly you must be on beta-blocker for some time until pvc controlled
fourthly do some exercise simplest is walking at least one hour a day
finally some tranquilizer will help.

john e russo md
PVCs are quiet normal and we all experience them although we are not all aware of them. 1st do not be alarmed. 2nd caffeine does not cause PVCs so stopping it will not stop them. 3rd as you lose weight you are much more likely to notice PVCs although they do not increase in # so again do not be concerned. 4th you have only 2 choices ignore the PVCs or take beta blockers and as they are very inexpensive and virtually devoid of side effects and generally decrease the # of PVCs or make them less obvious to you beta blockers may not be such a bad idea.

OK yeah well whatever
I have them too, and they can be scary. I read one cardiologist's statement that said, "You're not cursed because you have PVCs. You are cursed because you feel them." I guess lots of people have them, but your system is sensitive enough that you feel them.

I have found that exercising makes them happen less frequently, so I have been swimming at a local motel that lets you buy a membership pretty cheap. It really seems to be helping.

Best wishes to you!

Really no need to worry..the are annoying and uncomfortable but they are not harmful .I have live 52 years with them.Most people have them they are just not aware of them.They are brought on by stress and anxiety and also gas on the stomach and other things.If you try to quit looking for them you will stop having them.When I have them really bad and are anxious I will have more and notice them more.I assure you once you start ignoring them ..you wont have as many and wont be aware of them if you do.Seriously .. I have had a whole lifetime of them which it doesnt make it any better for you ,but they are pretty common.There is a website that has forums on symptoms like pvcs..and everyone there suffers with them.It helps to discuss them and your fears and they share helpful info into the world of the heart and anxiety ,and stress and etc..Its called www.nomorepanic.com Its free and helpful and hopefully will help you not worry so..Good luck and dont worry ..they are normal I assure you ..

You need the beta-blocker. I don't understand why you don't want to take it? I've been on one for 2 years and I'm fine. It's not addictive nor will it make you goofy or anything. But I really think it could help. What do you have to lose if you try it? If it doesn't help--you have to give it a few days--then tell the cardiologist.

I think it will help you.

The most common arrhythmias are premature atrial contractions (PACs) or ventricular contractions (PVCs), which usually are harmless. For isolated PACs and PVCs, simple reassurance is usually sufficient. Identified rhythm disturbances and underlying disorders are treated. Precipitating drugs and substances are withdrawn or changed. Exercise often helps persons who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
Please see the web pages for more details on Premature ventricular contraction.

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