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I am wearing a halter heart monitor, when my heart is racing or i am having palpitations does it tell the.?
doctor how fast my heart was going or just that it was racing at any such time?

It will record your heart rate and rythem that you were in.

Yes it is all taped up in a ECG form(older version), advance monitors can give alert to your consultant and he tell u by cell phone, or pager that to stop certain activity or stop where you are and ask your location and help will arrive.

what happens is everything your heart is doing is sort of being recorded. when you take it back to your dr. they have a specialist read it and put it on paper so your dr. knows what going on, and how to treat you.

The holter monitor is a 24 hour heart monitor which the person wears while doing normal activities. It tells the physician the different stresses the person can undergo during regular work. The entire data from the monitor is downloaded after 24 hours and the physician can exactly pinpoint the areas where the heart acts abnormally. The heart rate, time and the various episodes are recorded. A 24 hour trend is also recorded.

amy s
I had to wear one too when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I was only 22 at the time and yes when you feel that your heart is beating differently then u push a button and record it. And after several then you have to transmit it over the phone. Surely the people that helped u with a halter monitor told u what to do right? And it will tell the doctor everything about when it started and stopped. Good Luck and I will pray for u, I know it's a very scary thing to have to deal with

Scott S
I wore one to and I think it tells both, because if I remember correctly, it was a tape recording of the heart. Are you documenting when the event occurs and what you are doing when it occurs? If not, it will help to document the events for the doctor. Good luck.

It shows what exacxtly your heart was doing and also how fast it was racing etc. Sort of like having an EKG for 24 hours but not quite. Once you take the monitor back to the doc he will download all of the info for the past 24 hours off of the monitor and review this information.

Louisa R
Yes, the doctors will be able to tell what's happening with your heart.

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