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dupciasek a
How many time can u undergo anaesthesia in life time?
my mother must have operations on ears. they say 2 operations on each, which means she will need to be under anaesthesia 4 times!

is this safe ?
she is 62 and i heard anaesthesia weakens heart and is to be avoided so how come they need to use this 4 bloody times in this case?

† Gracie †
As many times as your body can handle it. There is not a limit but when you get too hard to wake up from it then I would consider not doing it unless the Dr. feels it is necessary.

john m
I have seen a person but under 2 times a week for 3 months and once a mouth for a year after that.

She will be ok.
They know how to make it safe

Ask your local drunk...they anaesthisize themselves regularly their whole life!

There is no set limit. it depends on the agent(s) used, the skill of the administrator, the condition of the patient, etc.. Four times is not a lot.

I do not drink, but I have been under various agents including nitrous oxide and the new mind-wipe drugs that leave you conscious and feeling the pain but with no memories of the pains immediately after!

I have found no aftereffects or weakness.

I think what you heard may be an exception caused by some anaesthetics on some people with certain conditions or weaknesses already.

Go ask at the hospital to talk directly to the person going to be in charge of that anaesthesia, and I think the truth will make you free.

Anyhow, alternatives are for her ear problems never to be corrected...dunno what that is...or that they operate without any anaesthesia, which to my way of thinking is cruel and barbaric. And usually ineffective because the patients involuntary and voluntary actions in trying to evade the pain.

My goodness, even the old Westerners give the patient a good stuff shot of whiskey before they started to cut the bullet out!!

Muthu S
For safety of anesthesia pl see;-

Of course its safe !!!

Just give the body enough time to recuperate and you could go under 100s of times - sadly badly deformed children do have to have many many ops -30-50 not unheard of

Sandi A
I've had over 30 surgeries and have been under anesthesia on all of them and have had no complications thus far. If its only 4, I'm pretty sure she'll be ok, usually the doctor won't do something they think will cause more harm.

The Girl
You can go under anesthesia as many times as necessary, but you cannot go under too many times in a say. Putting people "under"is done according to so many factors that make up a person. Body weight/age/height/ health conditions, etc. Even when going "under" only once there are so m a ny risks

I was told as a little boy that 'a cat has 9 lives'. When my cat died, I thought it would 'wake up' again.

Anesthesia is not sleep, death or near death, it can be safely undertaken by professionals for as many times per annum as needed.

as many times as you need to really, just not several times in one day

i am 38 and i have been under 38 times.

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