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 Help! Possible heart attack? Advice needed asap.?
Over the past 2 years my partner has had two minor heart attacks or spazm of the arteries to the heart. He used to occasionally use cocaine but stoped after these. Each time i took him to A&E ...

 Way to lower cholesterol in 3 days?
ok so i have a cholesterol test in about 3 days. i have naturally high cholesterol because its in my family. the only reason i care is because if its too high they might take me off my medacine. they ...

 What do you think this sounds like? heart attack symptoms? disease?
Sorry, ive posted questions here before, im just worried. but here it is anyways. When i was in 8th, after athletics, i got a huge pain in my chest, when i would try to breathe i would get a sharp ...

 I got a physical and i was stressed out.My blood pressure was high 128/86.Does my stress have 2 do with it

Additional Details
im a 13 yr old girl if it ...

 I am a 29 female. I have been told I have cardiac arrythmia. Should I be concerned?
I have high blood pressure along with the cardiac arrythmia. I am currently taiking toprol-xl.. i am still having very disturbing symptoms. My heart begins to race, I get lightheaded, get chest ...

 My husband has really high cholesterol!?
It is genetic, his father and grandfather had the same problem.He is only 30 years old and he doesn't do a thing about it.He smokes and doesn't want to take any medication. I' m afraid ...

 What are symptoms of a blockage of an artery?
I go for a stress test tomarrow but i really felt the problems i am having was more a lung thing, but i am told you can have shortness of breath with a blockage. i am also having some chest pain or ...

 What is mean by hyperkalemia?

 I need to find a gross pic of a HUMAN HEART AND LUNGS of a smoker?
I am not the best at internet searches, and my search queries don't get me where or what I need. Do any of you know where I can get the real photos of real hearts of real smokers as the medical ...

 I am a healthy male age 36 yrs, have nerve tingling rt forearm inner side for last 20 days. heart related?
have a family history of heart disease, i have been active in sports until recently due to a back ache, have gained 02 kgs in last 06 months. could this problem be indicative of a heart problem or is ...

 24 hour ECG question?
Hi, i'll be having a 24hr ECG this week as got palptations etc, just wondering if anyone has done this before and how comfortable they are to wear? as I I did book a day off work, but when I ...

 Funny feeling!!?
I have un-stable angina and waiting angio in 2 weeks time. The past week to 10 days I can be doing nothing ie watching telly or in bed and I have a strange feeling in my chest, all of a sudden I am ...

 This is mom's blood pressure 182/60, what does it mean?
I took it first thing in the a.m. Mom is 86. Is the first # too high, or the second # too low? I heard that there should not be a difference of more than 40 between the two. She says she feels ...

 My heart is acting funny?
I'll be sitting around doing nothing for say the length of a movie, and suddenly I get this fluttering fluid feeling in my chest, and I feel my pulse and its beating real rapid. Which feeling ...

 Remedy for Heart attck?

 During a cardiac catherization, will I be asleep or awake?

 My heart hurts, physically?
my heart feels like theres a lot of pressure on it, or as if its being squeezed, is this just heart burn or what?
Additional Details
im only 16 i don't think i could be having a ...

 Could a healthy teen get a blood clot?
A healthy teen who has played basketball all his life. Is 15 years old. Excercises regularly in the sense of basketball practice. The only negative thing is eats a lot of outside food. Fairly ...

 What medicine do they inject into your heart to slow it down when you have SVT?
My cardiologist thinks that I have SVT..I had a really fast heart beat last night and had to go to the ER and they gave me some medicine in my iv that slowed my heartdown..what is it called?...

 Does the use of Warfarin cause the ankles to swell ?
The ankles seem fairly normal first thing in the morning,
but by bedtime they slightly, not very, ...

How many beats does the Human Heart beat per minute?

mine is between 55-60 usually.

This is a variable. Trained athletes will have a slower rate than a sedentary person. Then, it depends on conditions under which it was measure. Anxiety will increase rate as will exercise. For a mean resting individual, it averages 70-75/min for men and slightly less for women.

Depends on whether you are male or female and your overall health. An average would be about 70-80 beats per minute. However, resting can be as low as about 40 and working hard can be up to about 160. Lance Armstrong has a resting pulse of 34 and thats awesome. If your resting pulse is more than about 100 you need to see a doctor.

Depends if you have a healthy heart.
A normal heartbeat is 60-100 beats per minute.
A person who is physically fit can drop there heart beat down into the 40's. and still be ok.

That depends on factors such as age and level of fitness.Normal heart rate is between 36-90.It can be higher or lower there are no laid down rules. The variables are too great.

Females average 60 BPM
Males average 70 BPM

lee m
depends on the person; some highly trained atheletes can have a heart rate as low as 38

Recent activity makes a big difference, too

It varies on the people evryone s different.

on average 60-80 BPM for a normal healthy adult.

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