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 Can caffeine cause your pulse rate and blood pressure to be high?
My heart rate is always a little over 100. I'm 40 years old and probably drink way too much caffeine. Could this cause my heart rate and blood pressure to be high?...

 Is it okay to go on roller coasters when you have orthostatic hypotension?
I am 16 and have just been diagnosed with orthostatic hypo-tension. I get really dizzy and go blind every time i stand up and normally it fades away but sometimes, i actually faint. Anyway, i am ...

 What's congestion heart failure?

 I am female, 56, and was diagnosed with angina, and right bundle-branch-blockage,15 years ago...angina attacks
left side hurts, breathing is uncomfortable, left arm hurts,. I take two asprin a day. have no doctor or medical insurance. this constant pain has been going on for 2 days. should I be really worried?...

 Do i need to be worried about this???
well i was using the computer and all of a sudden my right side (the heart area) started to hurt. it felt like a stabbing pain and then it went away. i got scared and thought i was having a heart ...

 Pacemaker ?
Pacemaker. What? When? How?...

 Help! 911 911 911 911?
My friend took something and he didnt know what it was and it had coke in it and his chest hurts really bad right now and he wont go to the doctor or tell ANYONE and idk what to do. what can I tell ...

 Can stress cause heart problems?
I have this boyfriend and threw five months we been together we went threw alot of arguements and i cried so much less than a year. I been threw depression a lot. And suddenly my boyfriend hurt me ...

 My wife has recently had a "minor" heart attack?
now she has to have a test that we dont fully understand .Something about seeing if the arteries are clear , any comments ?...

 The hormone that prepares the body in many ways for stress, such as increasing heart rate is called?
b- glycogen
c- epinephrine
d- pituitary ...

 What does the bottom number of blood pressure mean?
What is going on physically if I have 160/102?...

 Is rheumatic fever lead to death if i taken 1 peniciline injection per month for 10year after had an attack?
In my age of 11, i had an rumatic attack on my right leg knee( swell over my knee).there after i started to take one peniciline injection per month.then in my age of 12 again i had an rumatic attack ...

 Who/where is the best surgeon/place for a "Mitral Valve Repair" and is the "robotic procedure" the best?
(I am considering on having this surgery with V. Paul Addonizio, M.D. in Abington Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, PA)...

 Is It a hinderance for me to get a job?
Is It a hinderance for me to get a job if I am suffering from high blood pressure? I am by the way under doctors medication.
Help please...

Thank Y...

 Can a person on pacemaker use treadmill for exercise?
i am 53 year old male and on pacemaker for the last 4 years. can i use treadmill as part of my exercise to control my blood sugar and cholestrol problems?...

 Can someone tell me what the stats on blood pressure and pulse is? What is high what is low? What is normal?
What causes a fast heart rate?...

 Irregular heart beat? how do i no?
how do you know if you have an irregular heart beat? or palpitations? and would your doctor tell you during a physical if you did?

I notice that my heart beats faster, then all of a sudden ...

 What is a good blood pressure number?
is 99/ 70 good?...

 What is Angina? its somthing related to heart disease...shrinkage of a vessel.?
i'm not sure of i got the spelling correct.
what are the causes and the implications?...

 Is facial paralysis from a minor stroke permanent?

How long do you have to live if only half of your heart is working?
My uncle had a heart attack about 1 week ago almost 2 weeks ago and he went to dallas to BU down there and they said that he could have an operation but he wouldnt make it through? How long does he have to live? He wont say anything he acts like nothing is happening and i dont want to upset him anymore!

discuss your concerns with the cardiologist. if that's not possible, trust your uncle -he'd tell you if he really wanted.

Lily Lollipop (no cookie)
err... not very long. Blood circulates thru the body BY the heart. You need both parts... I think.

I hope your uncle feels better : (

You need both parts of your heart to live. One half pumps oxygenated blood to the body, the other half pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs to be oxygenated. If one side stops working, the other side becomes obsolete.

Mike G
If only half was working he would have been dead already.

Ronda B
No one can answer that. Everyone is going to die and the truth of the matter is no one knows when. You can get cancer and then die in a car accident. Don't write your uncle off to soon. Help him enjoy his life.

Gem..........it's strange no one knows there time.....I had a cement finisher work for me last year and he only has 27% of his heart working and he's still rodding off mud and troweling it..........I was watching him carefully , but he's to gritty to quick so ........what ya do........I understand.......He could probably live for quite a long time....your uncle that is.......and he could fall over tomorrow.......I have to say......it's God's decision....I've had by-pass surgery also.....buttttttttttt I didn't have the true heart attack...........soooo enjoy him while you can ..........with love girl.....bye.

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