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How does Coronary Heart Disease affect the Circulatory System?
I really need help with this question. Please give detailed answers or sentence dot points. Thankyou.

60% of the blood is circulated around the heart to keep the heart working. 40% is circulated to the body. Due to accumulation of cholesterol in the veins, it gets blocked resulting in the heart working overtime to pump the blood. As the blockage increases, the pumping gets increased and overloading the pump. When the pump cannot bear the additional burden any more, the system collapses and it is called heart attack. BY the time you start getting the symptoms, you have already crossed the danger mark. Log into www.google.com go to image section and type coronary artery disease. You will get very interesting information.

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it clogs your arteries

Check this link for info>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronary_heart_disease

If the circulatory system is clogged, the blood cannot go though to it's destination which is to all parts of our body. The heart needs the blood supply and if there's none, angina will happen and get worse. This could cause failure to the heart and by this time, breathing is already affected. If the person has angina already, the person should go the nearest cardiologist for farther treatment. Treatment could be a by-pass surgery or maybe if early detection, no surgery is needed.

It reduces the way blood flows throught the body. It is when the inner lining walls of the arteries are filled with "plaque", caused by several years of unhealthy habits, usually developed later in life, generally from not eating healthy and physical inactivity. Major causes is not moving or rarely, sitting all day, getting little or no exercise, and unhealthy diet, which is high in fat, sat. fat, trans fat and cholesterol.
If left untreated, it is a medical emergency and is usually fatal, which may eventually lead to a heart attack, or CHF, or cardiac arrest, depending on the type.
You can read about all different famous people that died of heart diease on wikipedia in section "deaths from cardiovascular disease" or type in the name of a famous person who died of it. It is really quite horrible.

It depends a bit on the heart disease. OK. the most common form of congestive heart disease is atherosclerosis. The arteries thicken and the walls get coated with fatty cholesterol plaques. The cholesterol might come loose like scale in a boiler pipe and block a smaller artery, That artery might be feeding the brain and a stroke results. It might be feeding the heart. Suddenly there is no blood to part of the heart and then it is a heart attack.
I hope this is enough.

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