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 Heart attack?
i had a heart attack 2 weeks ago and last week had 3 stents fitted,i,m now at home feeling fine but i,m tired all the time is this normal cheers ...

 I've been having an irregular heartbeat for some time now.?
I went to a walk in clinic and the Dr. advised I have Premature Atrial Contractions. He also advised they are no cause for worry, however, I have been having them more frequently now and am beginning ...

 Giving up smoking?
Is it difficult to do so? Tell the experiences plz. My uncle smoked 20 a day. he started reducing it one a month. first month 19 2nd month 18 and he finally gave it up . it took near 2 years. any ...

 Heart pain? Angina?
I just went for a walk and near the end of my walk I started to have heart pains. Felt like my heart was being squeezed about every three seconds. I went for a walk yesterday and I was fine. I was ...

 My mom died of a massive heart attack last month and im still having a hard time dealing with it please help?

 What can I do to lower my blood pressure?
Occasionally my blood pressure gets really high and I was wondering what I could do to lower it at that moment. I have already talked to my doctor about it and she is putting me on medication. I ...

 How can I cause a heart attack?
was wondering if you could cause a heart attck on ones ...

 How do you stop ur pulse?
my friend stopped pulse and it was crazy how did he do ...

 Heart problems and anxiety ???
In the past I've had what I call flopping of my heart. It feels as if my heart stops beating for a fraction of a second then beats again. All my EKGs, have been normal. I wore a 24 hour holter ...

 Do you take statins to lower cholesterol and keep a strict low?
cholesterol diet or do you still eat the same way you did before taking the drug, with no change in diet?...

 I feel so stupid-after a stress test?
I went to the hospital to-day for a "stress test", they connect you to an ECG machine and putyou on a walking machine which goes faster and then put on a higher incline every so often. I ...

 Does smoking cigarettes increase cholesterol levels.?
If you quit, do the levels go down?...

 Heart pains when i'm 13?
Okay so i'm a 13 year old boy. Lately i've been getting some pains around my chest and i think my heart. Sometimes it lasts like 10 seconds and it feels like.... i can't really say but ...

 Just took my BP -198 / 116 feeling flushed and slightly dizzy, should I be alarmed?
48 yr old - Bp has been running 160/ 100 for about the last week! Just had a Thalum (spelling ) Stress Test last Tuesday and they said I did fine. Official teat results not in yet~...

 What is classified as high blood pressure?
I counted how many beats I had per minute and it came out to about 75-

So I was just wondering, what is classified as high blood pressure in teens, and if there is a classification for low ...

 What are the risks of cholesterol?
What can happen when you have high cholesterol?...

 My heart has been beating strange lately, and i was wondering why?? like its skips a beat?
for the past 4 days my heart has been beating very heavily, and i feel shortness of breath and lightheaded. I also get a headache only on my left side when it happens. Does anyone know why this could ...

 I have really bad anxiety.?
My anxiety is not good when I get upset my hands tingle and all kinds of weird stuff. The dr tried to give me meds but i'm to scared to take them. I have no clue how to relax. My heart races,my ...

 What is cardiac monitoring?

 Had heart attack 9 months ago and can't seem to be able to regain any energy. I don't do anything around house
except for the essentials i need a good plan for diet and exercise any help would be appreciated.Doc says i'm doing fine but i don't feel fine so i think i need to get moving but not to ...

joyce m
How do you flush out cholesterol from your arteries by Ayurvedic or any medicine.?

Ashley A
Cholesterol is NOT the reason for obstructed arteries you fool NOR does atherosclerostic plaque contain that much of it


Ayurveda goes to your stomach, from there it goes in your blood and removes the cholesterol from the arteries. There are very good ayurvedic medicines such as Rudved/ Cardoved/ Suve/ Hridayarnav Ras etc. mfd. by different companies. The treatmetn will not last for more than 4 to 6 months.

chakrapani s
Vijay is absolutely right. You can ignore his suggestion and continue to suffer.The ball is in your court

Chet is also suggesting Vitamins and that is what Vijay is talking about. Natural supplements

icharp l
Neither ayurvedic nor any medicine but only through vigrous morning walk, yoga and other physical exercise. Surely, it works. Only determination is required.

spiritual healer
Eating atleast 700 gms of Garlic well cooked with other food in a month (after peeling of its skin) should flush out all the bad cholesterol from your arteries within two to three months.

Unfortunately, there is no magic medicine to clean out your arteries. Healthy eating and exercise are the best ways to avoid medications.

Ignore Ashley. He still hasn't learned to disagree with someone without insulting them.

I've heard Garlic is good for that. Real Garlic, daily. You'll smell terrible but they say it works.

Do it by Natural means.

To reduce cholesterol:

First cut down on saturated fats. To do this:

Eat lean meat. Select lean cuts and ask your butcher to cut off the fat.

Drink skim milk instead of whole milk.

Do the same for all dairy products. Note that vegetarians have a much lower cholesterol level (almost twice as low as average) which is perfectly understandable, since cholesterol is only found in products derived from animals.

Alcohol - in moderation. Not more than two glasses a day. However, it does appear that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol raises the number of HDL lipids (the good ones!), which breakdown cholesterol. (Moderation = two 4 oz. glasses of wine or two 12 oz. beers.)

Do regular exercise, for example walking.

Take Vitamin E. It reduces the risk of coronary disease.

Calcium brewer’s yeast, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6 also combat the accumulation of cholesterol. And don’t forget Lecithin, which helps fight excess cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension.

Hope this helps, Good Luck.

vijay r
Hi fellows,

I want to recommend a Doctor who helps a lot of people.He has helped my sister who had high B.P.I came to know about him from a friend of mine.Taking medicines is not a solution. He gave her some food suplements and nutrition.It had a fantastic effect on her B.P I recommended it to my far relative for cholestrol and now he is also
very satisfied. His name is Dr.Ramanujam and you can also contact Mr.Giridhar who is a nutritionist and he would also guide you to Dr.Ramanujam . Giridar Mobile: 9841023176 (chennai)

Have you heard of Chelation therapy?
EDTA chelation is a therapy by which repeated administrations of a weak synthetic amino acid (EDTA, ethylenediamine tetra-Acetic Acid) gradually reduce atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system by literally dissolving them away.

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