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How do you die from heart failure?
My father is dying from congestive heart failure, what is going to happen?

I'm sorry about your Dad. Congestive heart failure is a serious condition that may or may not be treated with medications or a transplant . People have different grades of heart failure., therefore have different severity of symptoms such as shortness of breath. Basically, the heart just can't pump properly anymore due to known or unknown causes. There are various treatments to help improve symptoms, but that needs to be discussed with a cardiologist. Ultimately, there is no cure, except a transplant and even then, that poses many risks itself. I'm not sure what is going to happen, but without treatment, his heart will eventually fail completely.

cant fight the feeling
blood stopping going to the heart .

Heart failure is the condition by which the heart cant pump the amount of blood that faces the body demands. the first stages of heart failure in which pain may be released by having some rest or taking Nitroglycerine which is sublingual medicine that dilate the vessels thet supply the heart..in late stages of heart failure niether rest nor Nitroglycerine can cure pain . so the cause of heart failure is that the coronary arteries that supply the heart withblood might be blocked partially and pain in acoording to the block stage,so when Ischemia happen to cardiac cells after that Miocardiac Infarction might happen the myocadiac cells in some cases might be able to take place of its infarcted (dead) neighbor an cure happen but if the infarction where in cells that are irreplacable dead will happen.

i had this 8 years ago and recovered. God bless.

Basically CHF is the inability of the heart to pump blood efficiently through out the body. This causes a back up in a very delicate system. Fluid starts collecting in the left ventrical of the heart and then the left atrium. But it's when it start backing up in the lungs that it really starts causing problems. Making it difficult to breath and causing what is called pulmonary edema.There are several different problems that can cause CHF and the cause of it greatly influences how it is treated, but it can be treated. To really give you an idea what is going to happen one would need to know what stage of CHF your father is in. Sometimes people say they wnat to know but when it really comes down to the nitty gritty they don't. So think about that question again, and if you really want to know the answer of what to expect I will be more than happy to explain it all to you

My boyfriends grandmother died from CHF it was a long battle. She had been sick for years she started to gain weight really fast, have shortness of breath, and was always tired. She had stop taking her water pills for a few months and she had to go to the er. They remove fulid from around her heart and lungs and sent her home. 2 weeks later she passed she woke up one morning and could not breath really good i called 911 they came and got her and five mins after she got to the hospital they said she had passed. So what I think happen Is her heart drowned.

i lost my dad last year he had congestive heart failure,his heart just gave out stopped beating.

janice h
I am so sorry about your dad and being confused about what is happening makes it even worse. Congestive heart failure is when the heart does not pump effectively and begins to have a lot of fluid build-up around it. Drugs will help at least for awhile. In some people they lose their effectiveness and after a time the heart will stop working. If your dad is one of the lucky ones he may live a very long time. I will pray that he is one of the lucky ones.

The pressure on the heart becomes too much and the heart fails as a pump. Usually in a case were the person in under treatment. It is not a painful death and it can be prevented for quite a long time with medication. You have my sympathy. But if I had to pick a way to go that would not be the worst one by far.

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