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 In august my father died of a heart attack?
and then when i returned to (shoeshop)work a week later i was told that i was to be left off, so for about two weeks i had no job, got one in a call centre and now im feelin the stress of it catch up ...

 I start one job on Monday pays all right but have a interview on same day for a great job what should i do?
i fit in at the job am starting very well but the other job pays alot ...

 What are some natural ways to lower blood pressure?
besides excersizing
i.e. types drinks
foods, etc;...

 How can i fix my broken heart?

 What is normal blood pressure.?
mine is 136 over 88...

 My chest/heart is tight and hurts, hard to breathe!?
It's constantly like this!! I take a deep breath but I have to really breath hard to get a full breath of air.... My heart feels weird and my chest is tight.... what is going on?

 What is the differance between a heart attack and a stroke?

 My heart is starting to hurt really bad! heart attack?
im only 15 and i just ate 2 bowls of cereal my heart feels like its about to give out, what the hell is this? i got short of breath kinda, what is this, its not normal heart ...

 My resting heart rate is about 96 beats per minute. Is this healthy/normal?
I exercize on a regular basis going to the gym about 4 to 5 times a week. I'm 20 years old, 5'7", and weigh 145 pounds. I eat a healthy balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins ...

 Is having a chest pain above the left breast a symptom of a heart attack?

 What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?
There is a strong family history of heart conditions and hypertension. What can I do to reduce the effects on me, I'm under 40 years old and BP is normal at the moment.
Additional Details<...

 Heart Attack?
Do you know when your having a heart attack? Because my chest hurts when I like press against it, and Im worried because I dont want to have a heart attack not knowing it. Im only 13. Im just really ...

 Am i gonna die?
ok for about a month ago, i have een having heart pains, i mean it comes about once or twice a day, not sure if it is the heart or he muscles around de heart, but its a short sharp pain lasting less ...

 I have just read an answer about high blood pressure drug atenolol?
he said that he was taken off it because it wasn't safe. I have been on it for 3 years, and have never heard of this claim. Does anybody know anything about this and should I contact my GP ...

 Can you take exctasy while on a beta blocker?
please, i really need to know from someone who knows.


oh, and spare me the bs about how E is bad for you. duh....

 I am 18 i have a heart murmur.i waz wondering if u can still smoke?

 Fast heart beating problem ?
my mother age 70 her heart beat very fast even she can not walk only 1-2 steps. can anybody give me some advise or useful ...

 I have high blood pressure and cant take medication for it is there anything else that wil work?

 Do you think 90 is old?
Do you think 90 years is old for a person? why
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers, I am asking this because I am just about to turn 90 tommorrow....

 Possible heart attack????
A freind of mine told me that one night he woke up at 11.00pm with a really sharp pain on the left side of his chest (at his heart) and the pain slowly travelled to his neck, and down to under his ...

How do you beat a lie detector test?

I hate Comcast
About heart disease?

these people will not help .. i say take a bar ..

Alternatively be as tense as you possibly can - any irrational fearful moments would reduce the legitimacy of lie-detection. ^_~

tell the Truth

Jeremy R
Don't lie!

Roger L
it works via heart beats and perspiration.

So be collective and calm Ok pinochio?

In reference to Bootz' answer: OBITUARY LIAR? Would you actually mean HABITUAL LIAR?
Now to the original question:
If you are taking a polygraph test for a very serious crime, they may take custody of your computer and see that question anyway, so you may as well tell the truth!!!

Tell the truth, only the truth, & nothing but the truth? : )

Actually, I've heard that you just need to relax. Think of pleasant things & try to keep your heart rate down. The examiner is going to ask you a few questions at the beginning to get a base line reading so try to keep your thoughts in *that* frame of mind when answering the serious questions.

Good luck!

practice before hand watch yoru breathing. breath using your diaphram, also do multiplcation in your head and tell lies to someone looking you int he eye and get comfortable with it
if you hear the needle going crazy (deviating from its normal base line) then pee your pants as a distraction and just leave and say that the machine scares you LOL

Be as calm as you possibly can=]

A pretty full proof way to beat a lie detector is to hide a couple of tacks in your shoes under your great toes, and when asked ANY question, press down on one. Since your pain centers will flair for ALL questions, there will be nothing but noise when you answer any question at all :) It is a tried and true method. But why would you want to lie on a lie-detector test anyway?
Peace, Gizz

can't its impossible unless your a good obituary liar

Steve E
Take 3 or 4 Valium before. You'll remain totally relaxed through the whole thing.

Saruhh Duhh
tell the truth

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Simple practice makes a man perfect. You will have to do concentration exercise.

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