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 Can it be dangerous for a patient with a heart difibulator?
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 I have just had a heart echo scan and the nurse scanned my stomach and called in the doctor?
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I wish she had not said ...

 After a heart attack?
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 Just need a shoulder to cry on.My companion had a heart attack this Christmas Eve day. Please pray for Bob.?
Please pray for him, thank you all so much.
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 Chest pain after complete cardiac work up and everything came back normal.?
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 My brother is 17, could this be a stroke, help !!!!?
My brother is 17 yrs old, could this be a stroke, plz respond?!?
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How do i naturally slow a rapid heartbeat?


Exercise, build endurance. Athletes usually have a slow heart beat.

deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Relaxation techniques and hypnosis are two ways to naturally slow a rapid heartbeat, BUT only to a point. A rapid heartbeat can originate from either the top chambers (atria) or the bottom chambers(ventricles) of your heart. If your heart beats too fast, you may have symptoms like dizziness, light-headedness, or palpitations...you may even pass out. If it is from the atria, it is a bit less concerning, but if it from the ventricles, it could be fatal. Either way, you should be talking to a doctor, particularly an Electrophysiologist, who specializes in the heart's conduction system. You may not want to hear this, but only medications and possibly a defibrillator ( a special type of pacemaker) can help if your heart is going too fast.

Cut all caffiene out of your diet. Eat in small amounts 6 meals a day instead of 3. Stop smoking.

i dont think there really is a natural way, beta blockers are the drug they usually put you on and if there was a natural drug that actually worked well you would have similar side effects to the beta blocker

You have some good answers already posted. I am wondering what you mean by "rapid heart rate". How fast is "rapid" and is it sudden (acute) or constant (chronic)?

First of all....see a physician. If your rapid heart rate comes on suddenly and it is really fast with symptoms, try coughing or bearing down like you would if you were having a bowel movement. Doesn't work? Get to a hospital, you need medical intervention....PRONTO!

If you have a chronic rapid heart rate (over 100BPM) try the suggestions stated above. You need to be seen by a physician and you may need medication to slow it down. A good physical work-up is needed to determine the cause.

excercise to help make your heart stronger...

deep breathing

lay of caffeine (yes coffee, coke, tea...etc.)

there's always the medication option
o i c. naturally.

Tracy L
If your heartbeat is abnormally rapid, you should see a doctor to make sure it's not serious. Tachycardia can be a serious problem.

In general, exercise lowers your heartrate. You should also avoid things that increase your heartrate, such as caffeine, certain medications including decongestants, and excess alcohol.

First you need to have your "tachycardia" diagnosed by a cardiologist. It could be something serious. If all checks out, try avoiding any cardiac stimulants ie: caffeine, stress, smoking, some OTC decongestants and herbal supplements, "energy drinks (full of caffeine and sugar), and try to increase your exercise if okay'd by your physician.

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