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 Why does the heart sometimes speed up for a few seconds?
Feels like it goes fast for about 2 seconds?
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 Whats the difference between a heart attack and a stroke?
is it that heart attack is where the heart muscle stops beating normally and a stroke is when an artery gets blocked?

How painful are they?? and do you have a good chance of surviving??...

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 Down syndrome?
I have a daughter with a heart condition and needs heart surgery to fix her heart. She also has down syndrome. I decided to stop working until she had her heart surgery and a full recovery. Now we ...

How dangerous is bypass heart, open heart, surgery?
how dangerous is bypass heart, open heart, surgery? and what are the long term ramifications from it?

I Won't Change For Nobody
Having gone through two lots of Open Heart Surgery (and I'm only just about to turn 21) I can honestly say that it is the best thing that I could have done. Without it I might not be here now writing this. It is more dangerous than the simpler operations (e.g. tonsilectomy etc.) but with all operations no matter how small and insignificant they may seem there is always a risk. During Open Heart Surgery they stop your heart while they work and put you on a bypass machine. There is always the chance that your Heart won't start up again once you are taken off the bypass. It's normal to be scared when you are facing an operation as large as this and no matter how old you are nothing helps more than having family and friends around you. It's always best to have that shoulder to cry on when things get too tough. Don't bottle feelings up inside.

Once out of surgery you are sent to the Intensive Care Unit until you are stable enough to return to the ward. Watching what type of activities you do and what you eat are probably the most important things in the healing process - no lifting heavy objects or pulling or pushing. Of course the younger you are the less time you will need to heal. Your body will begin working overtime so you MUST remember to rest it frequently in the following months. The surgeons who perform this type of surgery are usually the best and know exactly what they are doing. Put your faith in them. I hope that this has helped you.

you feel like a brand new person again...6 month of re-hab...a good diet and worked out every day...and you will enjoy life like never before...its done every day in the US..I was on the transplant list for a while, now I'm ok...

Amy P
Soaringjeff is right on. Bypass is commonly done, relatively low risk depending on the patient's associated medical problems, and often better than continuing on without it. The surgeon can give exact percentages regarding risk based on the patient, his surgical experience, and outcomes at the particular facility, and he'll do this prior to operating. (This is informed consent.)

That said, bypass is not a cure for coronary artery disease, which is a lifelong, chronic condition that requires careful management so that the bypass grafts don't close. This means a prudent diet, exercise daily, keeping the ldl cholesterol down as much as possible, and NO SMOKING. It also requires followup with a cardiologist, at least annually.

And on that note, let me tell you about one of my pet peeves as a cardiologist: There are cardiologists out there who dismiss a post-bypass surgery patient to the care of his primary care physician after a one-time follow-up. Personally, I don't believe this is proper care, as I feel cardiologists have much to offer in the way of preventive cardiology and are usually more vigilant to the needs of the patient in regards to the heart. So, keep this in mind after the bypass, and request regular follow-up.

Now I'll get off the soapbox. Best of luck.

Garden by M
Open heart surgery is dangerous because they stop your heart and bypass the vessel that is clogged. There is always a chance the heart will not restart, however, if you are healthy otherwise your chances are good. If you are a smoker, you will have trouble. Long term, you may need another operation as the grafted vessel only lasts for 10-15 yrs. If you need the operation, then you must not be a candidate for stents which are preferable. Having a heart attack will shorten your life if it doesn't kill you, so you really have no choice. find a good Dr. All cardiothoracic surgeons are not created equal.

Realist 2006
I have had it done twice , 1981 and again 1996. No problem !

It's at least as dangerous as any other surgery. And the ramifications of not having it are worse than having it.....

Anything to do with heart is delicate. Right from sweet heart to lost heart lead to immense heart ache and do run the risk of broken heart or heart fail. But, if things working out right leads to a state termed blissful heart and/or blessed heart .

Hi ,

I know what u want

See this link


know many people who have had bypass. its not dangerous at all provide you are in the hands of a good team of experienced doctors. it mostly depends on your own will power to be able to go through the process and get early recovery

When you sit down and discuss open heart surgery with a surgeon he/she will talk about all the benefits to be derived from having improved the circulation to your heart. After rehablitation you should breath easier and have an improvement in your energy level for starters. There are certainly risks. From the conversations I hear regularly at work with my patients and the doctors it's about a 2-3% risk of death. That's really pretty low considering the extent of what they are doing for you. Certainly avoiding the surgery through prevention would be optimal but by the time I see them there are few options. I have on rare occasions seen people go for a third bypass surgery. Usually there are not many things to bypass by that time. There is the option of cardiac catheterization after the surgery if down the road an occlusion occurs. The still viable native vessels can be opened that way in some cases and the grafts can be opened as well. At best the surgery lasts about 10-15 years as mentioned above. The cath procedure has about the same durability. This can all be shortened by not taking care of yourself. Smoking, poor diet, diabetes, no excercise will all bring you back early. I've had people back in my care within a year because of those. Just like TIm McGraw says, "How bad to you want it?" Are you willing at this point to take better care of yourself? Do you feel like just throwing up your hands? Do you have your own reason for wanting to make a change and improving your situation? It's up to you! Hope this helps. Jeff the nurse in Nashville.

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