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 I have high blood pressure, under meds but sometimes get readings close together ex 109/88 or 99/79?
I have had high blood pressure for over 3 yrs, the medication has helped but since I have been monitoring it more I found when it gets lower the readings sometimes within or less than 20 pts of ...

 Is heart attack a genetic disease?

 Can someone please tell me why it is so hard to lose a sister to a heart condition?
my sister was only 30 years old with her whole life ahead of her. she left behind her husband and 3-year-old son. last year she went to thailand for stem-cell implant surgery, that worked very well ...

 I have been told i have a very fast pulse. What effects will this have?
I had to go into hospital for tonsilitis that had poisoned my body and my pulse was 133 bpm. They said this was high. Now my resting pulse is 112 and the doc says i have to wear a heart monitor for 24...

 Do nitroglycerin tablets help with ulcer pain flairups?

 Reading an ECG?
If you notice that there are two P waves for every QRS complex, what are the person's problem(s)?...

 Should I go to the gym despite my condition...?
I'm wondering this. I couldnt sleep all night literally; 5 am here.
Scientific studies show that staying up late is bad for blood vessels and blood pressure. I can feel my erratic pulse due ...

 What means vasodilator in Human Anatomy terms?

 Does it always mean that if u have a normal blood pressure, u also have a normal cholesterol?
My husband has a 104/78 blood pressure but not sure if he has more bad cholesterol than good ones. He just wants to believe that as long as he has a normal blood pressure, it doesnt bother him at ...

 How long before I can drive ?
Just had an I.C.D. fitted, doctor told me I can't drive for a month D.V.L.A. told me 6 months, I suppose they are right anyone know ?

 Where can i find the best web sight on heart disease?

 Heart problem?
im 17 yrs old and my heart does this weird fluttery thing. its not painful and i feel fine but it scares me. its been doin this for a bout a month now...any idea what i could be..one of my friends ...

 Quadruple bypass?
What success stories do you have about quadruple bypass surgery? My fiance has it coming up on Tuesday and we are both pretty scared so I would like to hear about some success stories. Thank you to ...

 Racing pulse in my lower left rib?Heart problem? HELP!?
Just now, I felt a very racing pulse like sensation below my left rib. it lasted for about 5 seconds or so. It felt like a person's heart doing exercise. It was very fast. Is this a pulse? But I ...

 Any medical majors out their?
Please only answer if you are a med. major...doesn't heart rate compensate for changes in blood pressure...ex: as heart rate increases blood pressure increases?...

 Why do they call bypass surgery "cabage" sp?

 Friend rushed to hospital for what I thought was a heart attack?
Me and my friend were with a group of friends‚ÄĒabout twelve of us. One of my friends come over and suddenly puts his hand in his chest and says he cannot breathe‚Ķ so i rushed him to a hospital ...

 Recently my stomach seems like beating like my heart beat. is it normal?
sometimes breathless, chest pain, once acute upper abdominal pain. how?...

 5. A 45-year-old man who has had a myocardial infarction is found to have a serum cholestrol of 6.4 mmmol/l.Hi
5. A 45-year-old man who has had a myocardial infarction is found to have a serum cholestrol of 6.4 mmmol/l.His triglycerides are normal and the LDL cholestrol is the fraction raised.He is given a ...

 Low blood pressure, high pulse rate?
my bp is normally 85/56 or something like that, bu today it was 69 over 54, i felt drunk, though i have nver drank, and my pulse rate is always between 80-100!!!
Additional Details
is ...

How can you tell if someone has had a heart attack ?
detail if you can

There pulse is really irregular.

Christy SD Nurse
Men-left arm pain, squeezing like chest pain, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, sense of impending doom, upset stomach, and grey like skin color.
Women-left arm pain, backache, squeezing like chest apin, upset stomach, increased pulse rate, shortness of breath, grey like skin color.

sweating. pains left side of chest n left arm, blue lips very anxious

the person will begin to hold their chest and look in agony, this is because they have a crushing feeling in their chest and usually will have pain in the left arm radiating to the chin, the heart attack is due to the vessels around their heart are constricted and not enough blood can pass through delivering oxygen to the main organs, the vessels become constricted from a build up of atheroma which is due to diet, obesity, age and if its inheriditory in the persons family. its hard to tell if someone is having a heart attack or just angina pain because angina is the same as heart attack but just without the heart giving up.

Richard Y
the symptom like chest pain special angina pectoris ( as suppressed and overhanging ),, cold sweating,,,, increased blood pressure and heart rate,, anxiety,, on ECG record be found elevation ST segment,, increased cardiac enzim ( ex: CK/CKMB, and Troponin T )

given therapy oxigen high consentration and vasodilator agent ( ex: ntg ) immediately,,, prepared with primary PCI ( percutaneous coronary intervention ) or trombolitic therapy in emergency unit.

Chest pain is the most important symptom of heart attack. But heart attack can occur with other symptoms like undue fatigue, breathlessness, sweating etc. Confirmation is by getting an electrocardiogram and other investigations after a preliminary evaluation by a doctor.

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