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How can I slow down my heart rate?
In case I need to or want to?

Sit very still and relax as completely as you can. Breathe normally. This will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Rest. Slow your breathing down and breathe in through your nose and out from the mouth. But not too much or else you will hyperventilate.

Cynthia J
Well, deep slow breaths is one way but another way to decrease your heart rate is to place your thumb and index finger on each side of your neck. Press gently and massage...do not press hard of for a long period of time.

To lower your heart rate you can sit in quit/dark room, eliminate any stimulants...like junk sugar foods, sodas, etc., sitting quietly with your eyes closed and listening to soothing music helps, breathing exercise helps and tellling your body to lower your BP may work on some people. Stress will increase your BP faster than sugar or junk foods, so relax.
Hope this helps! :O)

Find your zen place

relax, and breathe slowly

meditate on things that put you in a good mood

alleviate your stress

keep taking deep breaths from your belly to your chest

and just relax ........

this should slow your heart rate substantially and increase

health of the mind and spirit as well.

It's proven through many ages by monks.

California Gal
Meditation, give up stimulants like coffee & chocolate, yoga.

try breathing with through your mouth rather than through your nose. by normal breathing, your lungs expand forward and backward, breathing through your mouth causes the Diaphragm to relax and your lungs also expand downwards taking in more oxygen, the high amounts of oxygen slows down brain activity and causes your body to relax, slowing down your heart rate. i do this whenever i get stressed from work, damn those tight deadlines. if this doesn't work, you could always try lying down a tub filled with cold water and ice, this could kill you though. he he

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