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Mrs. Moltisanti
Does stress make your chest hurt....no heart racing, just hurt?

uhm idk really maybe ask a doctor =/

Stress can do all kinds of things to you! Headaches, chest pain, muscle ache, back ache, racing heart, high blood pressure, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, pimples, sweating, anxiety, mood swings, depression, forgetfulness, over eating, under eating, etc. Stress causes all kinds of problems. If it lasts too long, and it's becoming bothersome go to your doctor!

It sure makes mine hurt. It feels like my chest is being crushed. But my heart rate stays the same.

oh definitey. a lot of drs get pt's with complaints of chest pain that is due to stress/anxiety.

John M
Stress is just one of many things that can make your chest hurt. If you haven't been doing anything that would have worked the muscles in your chest, the you should make a appt. with your doctor for a check up, or go to a client and get checked up their if you don't have a doctor.

♥ Blondie ♥
I guess it could..
but as a rule stress makes aches and pains all over the body..

if it is Ur heart or it feels like it is Ur heart....
could be a ( and I am not sure I am spelling it correctly) high ale hernia..
I had one years ago.. and it was due to stress..
It was in my chest.. felt like a heart attack ---when it went to hurting.. Dr.. put me on meds..

I got out from under the stress.. and it has gone away.. (this was 10 years ago)

it will come back if I get stressed out over something..
but I am so much happier..
U will want to check with Ur Dr.. to be sure.. I am sure he/she will put u on some meds.. but it will be for the good..
take care..

Heart Attack Jack
I don't know about the stress thing, but a 100% blockage to the LAD was a chest hurter.

god yes................. my chest hurts right now and its from stress................ try not to worry about it. it will only make it worse
try some relaxation exercises

Tony The Medic
YES!! In fact we had a call from someone that was having chest pains. as we talked to them. they told us what was going on. and the pains got worse. we took them to ER and indeed the pains were caused by stress.

In any case with chest pains you should get them checked out. ASAP they are nothing to fool around with. the damage that can be done to your heart during the early stage of a heart attack can be stopped before it gets too bad. Just get them checked out for your own piece of mind OK.

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