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 Heart palpitations?
recently I have been having like chest pains and heart palpitations? The chest pain is like the center of my chest its an aching pain and yesterday I had a palpitation that lasted longer I had to sit ...

 I have hypertension and i was wondering what may be the symptoms that may lead to a heart attack or stroke.?
what exercise and other diets to help me....

 How can I lower my blood pressure without prescription medicine?
I'm a 21 year old female and my blood pressure is 153/100 which is actually lower than the last time I checked it. Going to a doctor is absolutely not a possibility so therefore I can't ...

 How do nitrates reduce angina?

 Question about my heartrate?
I have a normal pulse most of the time but my pulse sometimes is speeding up and slowing down in short periods of time when i do things like check my blood pressure what is this called and is it ...

 HELP! DADS BLOOD PRESSURE is 170 over 98?
thats very ...

 How is dental hygiene and heart conditions related?
My mother has mitral valve stenosis and often is concerned that any work / medicine they have done with her teeh (root canal for example) may be harmful to her mitral valve heart condition. why is ...

 Just diagnosed with a Heart murmur today.?
I visited the doctor today because of an injury to my foot. It was found I sprained my ankle and was told I also had a Heart Murmur.Now I am a bit worried.I had been sick for 3 days prior to my ankle ...

 I would like to lose 15 lbs by july 1st, I have congestive heart failure., any suggestions?

 Anxiety Attack?
I have been feeling a wierd pain on the back of my head for the last 4-5 days. I went to the Dr. on sunday and she looked over me and told me we had to get a blood test to better look at how i am ...

 Which foods lowers cholesterol?
can anyone say abt the foods that help to bring down the dirty cholesterol levels in the blood down?...

 Can I sue The hospital??
My husband had a light heart attack in nov.2007 the hospital did not do proper testing and sent him home within 3 days,my husband ended up have 4 bybass surgery in april 2008 the doctors that did his ...

 I get a fast heart rate when I smoke weed. Am I okay?
I want someone who knows what they're talking about.
No stoners that say "Nah, you're fine. It's just paranoia. Keep smoking!" It's NOT paranoia.
I also know ...

 Severe chest pain?!!?
It happened last night?
It felt like it was in the exact area of my heart. It only lasted about 10 seconds, but it felt like their was jolting and gurgling and the pain was so severe. I was ...

 Does your heart really stop when you sneeze??
k i have sneezing attacks alllll the time where its like 20 sneezes in a row. does that mean my heart stops 20 times within like 5 minutes??...

 What is atherosclerotic heart disease?

 How to decrease my blood pressure?
Hi. i have a problem here. yesterday my sister took me some Blood Pressure test to see whats my blood rate. My sister told me that i have 100/130 blood pressure and she said my bp is too high and i ...

 What is the best way to raise money for Jump Rope For Heart?
I'm doing Jump Rope for Heart at my school and was wondering whats the best way to raise money?...

 Sharp chest pain scared am goin have heart attack?
I going 2 be totally honest bout 3 years ago i got addicted to co-codamol 30/500 i was taking nearly 20 tabs per day 6 month ago i stop cause i had a feeling like my heart was comming out ov my chest ...

 Im waiting for a new heart valve, i need to know about the surgery and what they have to do?
im waiting for a new heart valve, i need to know how the surgery is done. how long it will take....

Does anyone takeFish oil for there heart? is it good?
fish Oil soft gels
if so what kind?
Additional Details

Yes. Odd my Aunt was a Nurse in the UK and always took Cod Liver Oil until she retired. Then the problems started and last year was in Hospital. When she came out they prescribed fish oils for her, on prescription free of charge. I did once ask her why she gave up taking the Cod Liver Oil, answer 'My hair was thinning after the menopause, so I took it until I retired and my hair was nice a thick, did not think I needed it anymore. Here once you have your first heart attack they prescribe omega 3, free of charge, called preventative medicine. Side effects when you first start taking them you will have loose foul smelling stools, but that goes after a week.

get the better brand so that you don't burp. I get mine at the health food store- they can suggest which does not cause burping- or get Amway's brand- they are good.

Yes, I take Cod Liver Oil, not just for my heart, but it helps bones, eyes, and even your hair. It is very good for you and will do you no harm. Remember if you take it, it stinks, unless you buy the capsules.

Old Guy
Yes I do can't say they help, but they sure can't hurt. Soft or hard caps no difference.

Rose S
it is also good for your eyes! omega 3 prevents macular degeneration (going blind)

best..cause it is rich in the anti oxident omega 3 fatty zcid all types are ok

All fish oil are good, just make sure you check the source of the fish oil (I ever see a brand fish oil that state the source of it is "sea creature"). But the best one is from the deep Sea fish or fish that live in cold places, such as salmon. Such fish oil is a good source of omega 3. If possible, choose fish oil with d-alpha tocopherol (natural vit e) as it will act as antioxidant and prevent the fish oil to loss it potency. However, do take note that ppl who are consuming high blood pressure medication should ask for doctor advice before they start taking fish oil as fish oil is a natural type of blood thinner.
P.S you may add "coq10 with Taurine" for the heart health also.

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