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Lilyth Rose
Does anyone know how low a heart-rate can go before it's considered dangerously low?
Is a heart-rate in the forties dangerous?

As long as it is not caused by disease, the lower the better. Lower means that the heart can pump the same amount of blood by having to do less work. Some endurance athletes can have a HR of 30-35.

Heart rate should be within 60-100bpm. heart rate in the 40s can be dangerous. you better see your doctor.

Normal heart rate is between 60 and 100 but I don't think it's too low until it goes below 40, but it just depends on the person.

According to most medical manuals a "normal" heart rate for an adult is 60-100 BPM. Anything slower than that is called bradycardia. Certain conditions can cause this and it can even be medically/mentally induced. The problem with a pulse rate so low is a lack of oxygen to tissues. Deep meditation can induce it, but not for long periods of time. If it persists for long periods of time GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!!

your resting heart rate (rhr) is best checked when you first wake up in the morning. this is because you are just coming out of sleep and you are at your lowest activity level for the day. your rhr should range around 60 bpms. If you have any concern when it comes to your heart, you should always see your primary care doctor to get a better understand of how everything works.

Joice Dont Wait- i wont be back
it depends how healthy you are. if you live a very healthy lifestyle, and do aerobic exercises frequently, 40bpm is completely normal.

The most important thing to consider is, why is your heart rate in the 40's? As previously mentioned it is possible to have a low heart rate due to your level exercise. However, if you are having dificulty with work outs, such as shortness of breath, you could say this is a problem. The way the heart conducts electricity could also contribute to a lower heart rate. In this case there would be loss of synchrony between the top and bottom part of the heart. It would be a worth a trip to the doctor to find the underlying reason for your bradycardia (brady meaning slow)

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