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 Heart Pains?
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 I was operated for open heart surgery. A titanium plate was fixed on my sternum caused problem. can I sue?
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 If ur having a normal heart rate is a possible for ur heart just to stop???? and ur age is 18?

 What to do about a normal EKG and still having chest pains?
I am a 40 year old white female who smokes (has for about 23 years, except when I was pregnant for my 3 kids) but doesn't drink often or do any other drugs and have been having chest tightness, ...

 Should I be concerned I am very young??
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 My cousin has a blockage in her intestine...no isurance...what are her options? Alabama?
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 Why are heart palpitations considered 'normal'?

Additional Details
and do they happen more frequently over time? Am I stuck with them, when I get them they are pretty frightening?...

 Blood Pressure...?
I got my blood pressure checked a little less than a year ago and it was slightly above average, so I didn't worry about it. Recently it seems I've been sweating more than usual and my ...

 I had bypass surgery on the heart i have a cold can i take over the copunter cough medicine like vick 44?

Do women have a greater risk of heart attack than men do?

Yep. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States


Women have lower risk in the premenopausal age. They catch up with men after menopause. But in general it is almost 10 years delayed in women compared to men. This is due to the protective effects of estrogen in premenopausal age group.

But when women do have heart attack, the risk is often higher due to multiple reasons.


I agree with Corrine B. Since women are not considered at high risk for heart attack, their symptoms are often overlooked or ignored, which causes them to die more often than men, whose symptoms are often recognized early enough for them to get treatment.

louise l
yes especially if they are diabetic or have a family history of heart disease. I don't smoke or drink and I had 6 bypasses on feb 25th of this year. women naturally retain more fat and water than men and we take care of everyone but ourselves.

Carol M
Women tend to develop heart disease about 10 years later than men. Also, if a man and woman both have a heart attack, the woman is more likely to die from hers than the man is from his.

moonshine annie
Yes! It is a proven statistic. Go to the American Heart Association on-line and check it out. The classical symptoms that men have are not the same for woman and so alot of times women do not realize that they are having a heart attack so they do not go to the hospital like they should.

Corrine B
It is the leading cause for women, however, MEN have a greater risk of heart attack.

Source: Cardiac ICU nurse

more than just a pretty face
no men are at greater risk of heart disease

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