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bob's aunty
Do people REALLY get heart attacks from being scared?
I mean, wouldn't your heart get the same amount of stimulation from running 100m..

can someone please explain..

Yeah, one of my dad's fat friends did

Yes and also people get heart attack from seeing the lousy lineup in next years presidental election

Dustin F.
yes you can.
ur blood pressure rises and ur heart is beating too hard.
sumthing like that.lol

some times i guess

It is theoretically possible but heart attacks often have warning signs before the heart attack occurs and having an episode of being scared would not be at the top of the list as causes. Shoveling snow, heavy lifting, vigorous activity all can precipitate a heart attack. Very few people actually have a heart attack while running and yes, that kind of stimulation could precipitate one but most people who have had heart attacks are not in good enough shape to run.

Jennifer B
I think it depends on the person, if they have a history of heart problems or a weak heart, they may be more prone to having a heart attack for a less severe reason than another person. Also, it depends on how scared a person gets. Such as, most people that jump off buildings tend to be so scared that they die of heart attacks before they even hit the ground.

no but animals do people can get heart attacks when every its when somthing is stalled in your body and you heart stops and skips a beat

Jessica B
A great example for this answer is anxiety disorder. You can be literally scared to death, but it would have to be the the point where it's truly traumatic. As an example, let's say someone is not given their anti-anxiety attack medication (Xanax, Valium, ect) and they're in a stressful situation, I've seen heart rates reach well over 100. You can have a heart attack from an anxiety/panic attack. I'm sure the number of deaths caused by this is very very small.

Older poeple who have heart problems can.

Animals do.

Yvette C
There is a heart defect that makes the last part of a heartbeat wave, as seen on an EKG, to be prolonged. This refractory period is dangerous. People who did not know they had this condition have even been startled to death by their alarm clocks ringing.

Dashing Geek
It is rare but possible.

Since the body's biological response to fear is to prepare for fight or flight (running away), the body must transition quickly to a state that supports using a lot of energy quickly. Among the changes that take place are an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. These effects are caused by an outpouring of chemicals called catecholamines which regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and other functions.

If the blood vessels that feed the heart are already weak, blocked, or torn, the fight or flight response can further aggravate the vessels and lead to a heart attack.

The vast majority of heart attacks are caused by a long accumulation of bad things. Among them the major EMOTIONAL contributor is anger, not fear. The main causes are really smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise, but anger is commonly identified as a cause.

Hope this answer isn't scary. ;-)

yeap i think so


they can if they already have trouble with there heart

Yes C=

I often wondered about that. But the sense of fear for your life at any level can differ from people, and the rate of hert beats may increase more than others. There was this mexican actress named Mariana Levy who was assaulted while getting in her car... she was so scared she died of a heart attack, the saddest thing though was that she was barely 30 years of age.
On a side note people can also die of laughter, like Eduardo Palomo who died laughing while eating at a restaurant with some friends. He didn't have food in his mouth at the moment he began to laugh, but he ended up getting a heart attack as well.

Michelle K
if u have a weak heart then yea

Lisa E
If a person already has a weak heart and they're scared...or for instance...tasered, or win the lottery (the shock) they get an instant adrenaline rush, the heart spasms and yes, that can certainly cause a heart attack.

Yes, you can also stimulate your heart from over exertion and cause a heart attack. Your heart will work as hard as it possibly can to maintain your blood flow and bring oxygen to your organs etc... If you push it too hard and it can't keep up...you'll have chest pains (angina) and if you don't stop, you can have a heart attack.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Everyone is scared of getting a heart attack, but it does not mean to abandon our life, jusst because of some media gives an examples, they normally report a few exceptional cases, and people are carried away. WHAT ABOUT THE MAJORITY THEY ARE DOING FINE.
So continue with your daily life pattern with hope of a better tomorrow.
All the best.

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