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will k
Danger of a blood clot in the leg?
My mother got checked out by a doctor yesterday and he told her that she has a blood clot in her leg. He gave her two injections to break it down and also put her on warfarin to make her blood thinner. She had 2 blood clots in the past and ended up in hospital both times. Now the doctor only gave her the medicine and told her to contact him as soon as her leg starts feeling worse. He said that she spotted it early enough. Does the doctor know best? Should I just trust his opinion? How safe is it if a blood clot gets spotted and treated early?

Well my farther had like 5 blood clots. So he went to another state and they put something called a "Filter" in his neck so that the blood clot wont move to the heart and cause a heart attack. And also he take his blood thinners so he wont get a stroke. Cause I'm pretty sure u know she can catch a heart attack or a stroke. My farther have them in his leg and he also has ulcers on his leg now,that came from the blood clot.Also u have to make sure she gets check out often because u don't want her blood to get to thin,cause it could be a problem also.Always get a second opinon about your health. My farther had to went out of SC just to get help.

blood clots in general are worrysome...I as a med student believe she is getting the proper care, that's how patients with her condition are treated. Of course many things have to be taken in mind, but if your gut tells you you feel she is not being cared for properly than find another doctor.

Trust the doctor. If it gets worse,then go in to see him.She may have caught it early enough to just take medication.

It is very true that one has to trust the doctor.But if all he did to your mother was giving her two injections and Warfarin,in my opinion is not enough. Considering that your mother is prone to blood clotting, personally I would have recommended a Complete X Ray to identify if there are any other blood clots going around without being felt by her. From an X Ray clots can be identified and located. One must remember that our blood goes round our body all the time and if it stops for some reason ,heart failure can occur if the blockage is serious. So I would recommend and X Ray and if the doctor hesitates get a second opinion from a specialist.

A second opinion is always best

...You should listen to your doctor, but you are ultimately responsible for your own well being. If you have worries be pro-active...continue to pursue a plan of care for her...as you said you are worried for your mother.

A bit of a side note. I was diagnosed( by my former primary care physician) with a blood clot in my leg. went through ultrasound testing and saw a vascular doc.and was told I did not have a blood clot. I now listen to my new doctor but I always know that they could be wrong about everything...we all make mistakes.

So You have to take charge of your own care..and have your mom get checked by another doctor as well.....regards.


I can't believe these doctor's sometimes! This is your mother's life they're dealing with. It would never hurt to just ask for a second opinion. I suffered two massive clots in the lungs (pulmonary emboli) and both of them went undiagnosed for days before they started treating them.

Please don't take any chances.

Now, here are some warning signs to look for. As a clot can travel to the kidneys, heart, lung or brain, so familiarize yourself with symptoms of heart attack, pulmonary emboli and stroke. I won't write all the symptoms of each one, but I will put some useful web addresses at the bottom.

General things to watch for:
Warm feeling in leg
Muscle cramping in leg
Red or swollen area on leg
Trouble breathing, pain in breathing, feeling of suffocation
Jaw pain
Chest pain, squezzing feeling in chest
Agitation, irritability
Facial paralasys, facial drooping
Mental Confusion, slurred speech

Aside from clot dangers, you also need to watch her Warfarin levels very closely. She should be getting tested weekly. Warfarin is a nasty drug--I myself will be on a high dose the rest of my life (I'm 26). Here are some things you need to watch with that:

Purple toes, fingers
Easy bruising
Cuts, scratches
Blurry vision

These can be indicators that her blood is too thin (except for the purple fingers).

Did they ever figure out why her blood is clotting in the first place? Has she been tested for a clotting disorder?

I know that this is a difficult and terrifying time in your life, and thank God that they found it early. But I would still suggest that they be aggressive about your mom's care. Please know that I will be praying for you and for your mom's healing and recovery. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me an email.

God Bless,

P.S. another really great place to visit is www.apsfa.org It is actually a site for the blood disorder I have, but it has great info on Warfarin, clots, and symptoms. You might even want to consider joining their support group to lean more about clots and warning signs. Good Luck to you.

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