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 I can see my heart beating thru my chest?
I can see my heart beating thru my chest and im not exercising right now or anything, is this bad?
Additional Details
Im 15, i have a mild heart murmur, and i can see my heart beating ...

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 I was 33 when I had 2 heartattacks now the DR. wants me to be on transplant list what would you do.?
I've changed some bad habits but I'm not perfect I quit my hard drinking sub chicken for beef try to be more active but the weather hamperd that a bit . My ultimate fear is not death but my ...

 My heart will skip a beat is this normal?
I had a heart attack 4 weeks ago. I had a stint put in. A few days ago my heart started skipping beats. It will beat 4or5 times then miss a beat then maybe beat 15 times then miss a beat....

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 What is hematocrit?

Shawn G
Can someone live a normal life with 10% of there heart working?

the brain work at 10%....over come your fear and do what your body tells you to do and don't do what your body tells you not to do. Only God knows wen we will depart....
So enjoy what you have........

I am not a doctor, but i would say absolutely not. My heart was at 20% and they told my wife id be lucky to make it thru the night. Therefore, it might be possible to survive, but not living normally!!!

Jace L
You can possibly live, but NOT a full normal life!


Definitely not. Someone missing a leg or an arm would live a better quality of life than someone with only 10% function in their heart. Unfortunately, they will be very, very limited as to what they can do. They are fortunate to have survived.

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