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 What would happen if i eat too much salty foods?
what kind of things does salt do for your body ...

 What are good ways to lower my blood pressure? Other than salt what else should I avoid? *2 Part answers plz?

 What are the effects of too much Coumadin and Aspirin ?
My brother has A-Fib and is being administered too much of these meds in addition to Klonopin and Cardizem. (He is in a facility (NJ) and we feel he is being overdosed--he is not well..if anyone also ...

 PLEASE HELP! I am scared, My breathing is getting worse?
I have Dilated Cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was 45%, but now it is just above 30%. These past few weeks my breathing has got worse, and I have had an increase in chest pains. My husband ...

 Can somone tell me what an "AKG" is? (For your heart or something)?
Well, I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow, to get this..."akg" thing.

My mom said that it's when they put little metal things on your chest... can someone tell me ...

 How quickly can high blood pressure be lowered?
My partner's just been told that they have high blood pressure 160/98. How soon could this be reduced to 140/80 or better still 120/80?
Not wanting to take medicine, would hope to do this ...

 I have chest pain.What should i do?Please help me ...(T_T)?
i'm just 18y/o boy.i dont do drugs,alcohols,not a smoker,dont have weight problem and exercise regularly.but why i experienced this chest pain?i alreasy do the ECG twice.First one was normal but ...

 Is my dad having a heart attack or is he gonna?
my dad said this past friday that this past week he had severe chest pain and then that night he threw up reli acidic stuff. He's still having bad chest pains but refuses to go to the doctor or ...

 Worried sick about heart?
I am really worried and am now on the verge of panic, my mum died suddenly 2 weeks ago of a heart attack, aged 54. she didnt have a history of heart problems, my grandfather on my mums side died ...

 R u medically qualified, High blood Pressure?
i have high blood pressure, it it ok to fly on a plane. it may sound strrange question, and i have asked my gp, but he wasnt positive ?...

 How does a heart attack feel (seriously)?
How does a heart attack feel? I'm only 29 (M) and get a severe sharp pain in the bottom left part of the heart every once in a while. I'm not sure if I can describe it properly, but it ...

 What can you do when a person is going into cardiac arrest?
If someone is about to have a heart attack and the ambulence is on the way, what can you do?
What can you do to help the person before the ambulence is there?
Scientifically speaking....

 Am I about to have a heart attack?
I'm 39 years old. I have a painful tightness in my chest, my left shoulder hurts, the left side of my neck hurts, and my heart palpitates. I also have this feeling like acid reflux that makes me ...

 Heart valve defect..how bad can it get?
im a 19 yrs old. as far as i can remember i started having chest pains when i was about 6 or 7.,when i was thirteen i finally had a check up the doctor said something bout my heart valve which doesn&#...

 My brother-in-law diagnosed with conjestive heart failure on 6-29- at ER, they gave him?
some kind of shot because of the extreme edema in his legs and feet and wanted him to stay in hospital, he refused ( from old school if you can't pay don't do it) ANyway, on Friday he ...

 Blood Pressure??
Apart form staying away from salt anything else you can suggest we do to maintain a low BP or lower it even? My husband is 35 and he BP is so high and doesnt want to start taking Meds!! Thank ...

 Is 112/66 a healthy blood pressure?
far a 16 year old ...

 Are blue fingers a sign of heart problems?
Yesterday I was outside with my father. The weather was a little chilly around 69 degrees nothing insanely cold. his fingers turned blue and his lips did too. he said he was getting tired and he ...

 Why am I having mild chest pains sometimes...?
I am only 27 and skinny. My chloestrol is excellent but I have been noticeing that I have mild pains in the middle of my chest. I have no shortness of breath and no pains in my neck or arms. I ...

 My hubby turned 30 and his blood pressure is now very high. Is it common to have High BP at 30?
his blood pressure was 100/140 whn we first time monitored it but after cutting down salt intake it has stagnated at 90/135/140. He is 5-10 inches tall and weighs approx 73-75 kgs. Doesnt take ...

Can shoveling snow cause heart attacks?
on people aged 12-21?

it did to my next door neighbor just last year...
he was 89 years old and insisted on doing it himself ever since I moved next door...

i dont think so.
i mean of course its possible
but unless your extremely obese or have a family condition then its extremely rare.

Jesus Freak
yes if they are out of shape, their heart shouldn't be that out of shaoe by then anyhow....Life is short; pray HARD!

yes it is uncommon, but possible.

Especially if they have pre-existing heart disease or a strong family history.

Snow shovelling is a big reason for heart attacks. however any sudden exertion can cause a heart attack if the person leads a sedentary life style is consequently of poor health

Robert G.
No, shovelling snow does not usually cause heart attacks, but anything can happen. It depends on how healthy the person is.

Not usually, but it's possible.

Amy P
Anything is possible. However, it would be very unusual for someone aged 12-21 years to have a true heart attack while shoveling snow. Almost unheard of. And besides, shoveling is terriffic exercise, which everyone needs more of.

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