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I keep getting chest pains, and my arm has just gone really dumb. Im only 16 though, and I dont have any medical problems =l

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Well I dont know, I'...

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Hi, 27, encounter:
left chest pain under breast bone,
pain is like short sharp pain and squeeze pain,

Pain occur often:
In morning,
When running,
When agitated.

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Can my baby live with only 3 chambers of her heart?

James Bond
3 chambers ? is it real...hm...are there chance to operate the heart to make it to normal 4 chambers? reptiles lives with 3 chambers heart..so maybe your daughter can too..

Jackie RN
yes you baby can live with only 3 chambers. children are born with only 2 chambers. they have 3 surgical repair to make the body able to function with only 2 or 3 chambers

Which 3 chambers does your baby have? Are your doctors giving you any advice?

The site below has an illustration that shows blood circulation through the different chambers of the heart. It might help you to understand what is happening with your baby.

A friend of mine was born with her heart in backwards. Her lips were always blue, as was the skin under her fingernails and toenails. Needless to say she was short of breath all the time. Her family installed a motorized chair to take her up the stairs to her bedroom.

She had a lot of operations and lived until freshman year of college. She was a really great person.

Best of luck to you.

maheswari m
This Patient Guide is written for the loved ones of heart patients who are dealing with the short-term stress that comes with a test, procedure or recent diagnosis of heart disease. It explains why support is so important to a loved one with heart disease. It also offers practical strategies on how to support a loved one while also taking care of yourself.

Hi, I understand that you may be experiencing a lot of anxiety right now so I whole heartedly sympathise with your situation.
From what you have written it makes it very difficult to understand exactly which condition you are referring to you when you say '3 chambers'. It may sound like im being a bit nit-picky, but I assure you there is method to my madness. there are many different conditions in which a babys heart may not have been completely formed at birth, and as you can imagine, all of them have differnt prognoses and treatments. so if you could provide a bit more information about what you exactly mean by 3 chambers id be happy to help again.

One thing I would mention is that most of the abnormalities are operable if not treatable

Three chambered heart could be one upper common chamber (atrium) and two lower chambers (ventricles) or two atria and one ventricle. Both forms can survive with good surgical treatment, even though there will be some mixing of pure and impure blood in the untreated state. Please contact the nearest paediatric cardiac surgical centre for timing of procedure in your baby's case. Sometimes it will be a multi-staged procedure with an initial procedure to buy time in case of very sick babies.

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