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John B
Can a person die of a heart attack in their sleep without feeling any pain?

No, the pain would wake them before they died;

Heart Attack
Cause of pain:
The pain that accompanies a heart attack is caused by a complete blockage of one of the coronary arteries. The muscle supplied by that artery immediately becomes severely ischemic (oxygen starved), and the ischemia of the heart muscle usually produces significant pain.
Characteristics of pain:
The pain accompanying a heart attack is usually similar to classic angina, but tends to be more severe and longer lasting. The pain classically is described as a pressure-like, squeezing, crushing, or tight pain. The pain often radiates to the jaw, shoulders or arms, and can be accompanied by nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, or fatigue. Unlike angina it tends to persist, and to worsen for at least the first 15 or 20 minutes. The pain is often accompanied by a feeling of intense fear - classically described as a "sense of impending doom."

If you died in your sleep, would you then wake up dead? Tricky, eh?


yes u can die of a heart attact without pain in your sleep

I've never tried it so don't know

Unless you can communicate with the dead its not an easy question to answer.

very unlikely, because one of MI symptoms is feeling of impending death.

ya i think soo

a p
i think they can ,hope this helps you

I know alot of people die in their sleep...and some of them are from heart attacks...it would be hard to say for sure, but I would think that way would be peaceful....

Well if you "die in your sleep" then how will you feel any pain at all? You would first have to wake up and then feel the pain. But considering that I have woke before with simple muscle cramps in the legs and arms.....I'm going to sugges that it is possible that someone would wake to the pain of a heart attack while sleeping.

Yes so I am to believe that you can die in your sleep with an Heart Attack without pain.

Frank O
Sandra A is calling it right, the silent MI is a real killer, if you can have a silent one while awake and not notice it then your not going to notice it whilst your sleeping.


yes,thats why sometimes people are found dead in their beds in the am...not all heart attacks produce severe pain so there might not be enough pain to wake a person

Black Orchid
Yes i think so because my uncle died due to a heart attack while sleeping next to my aunt . She had no idea until she woke up and he was dead next to her

my father died of a heart attack after he went to sleep, and apparently it was very sudden and quick and the person who done the coroners report, said he wouldnt have felt a thing, which wa s a great releif to my mother

Sandy A, RN
Yes, people have what is called a "Silent Heart Attack" all the time, especially women. I am a cardiology nurse and we have had to inform many patients that they have had a silent MI. So, in our practice we definately believe that some people can die in their sleep peacefully and painlessly. That would also explain why when they died the person sleeping next to them didn't even know they were having a problem.

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