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Blood pressure 175 /125?
i am 43 yaer old man is this blood pressure high is it anything to worry about

that's really high
call 999 or go to A&E

Take a look at this link (it's what the NHS think) and go through all the steps (keep clicking next at the bottom of the page)


Dr Frank
IF this is your regular BP it is significantly raised and well into the treatment level because of the increased stroke, heart attack and end organ risk to the kidneys. Normal BP is 120/80.

HOWEVER if this is a one off reading taken in a chemist it is not necessarily a reliable indication of what is happening.

It is vital, before deciding that a patient has hypertension,( treatable blood pressure,) to take a large number of professionally checked readings, or even better to attach a 24 hour BP monitor, to give a summary of the BP throughout the day.

Go see your GP to arrange this.

Oh heck yeah that is something to worry about! Ideal blood pressure is 120/80 and actually lower, more like 110/70.

You need to make an appointment with your doctor asap. You are a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen.


Sit the hell down, cut out the caffeine and salt. Cutting down on your purine intake from meat and fish might help a bit too, as well cutting down on alcohol.

See a doctor ASAP.

Seungyong W
are you joking? the figures are dodgy. you need to bring it down to at least 140/84 ,etc.. take urgent medicine. or else you risk getting a heart attack or a brain stroke. seriously, it won't hurt but it will finally kill you if unattended. thank you.

Boudica Warrior Queen
The main thing here is to think calm. Take deep breaths as this will have an immediate effect on your BP which is extremely high.

So now you have stopped panicking after reading some of these answers you need to make an appointment to see your doctors who will put you on meds and then get your blood tested for cholesterol and find out the possible causes for your blood pressure being so high.

Just fews reasons for high BP:

You could be overweight;
Insufficient exercise;
Bad diet;
And stress which is one of the main causes of hypertension;
Kidney Disease;

On the other hand there could be no feasible explaination as to why it's is high. I know this as this is my problem ...no known cause. However, I find relaxing and exercise cobined with my prescribed medication keeps mine at around 170/90 which is still on the high side. But my doctor tells me it must be in the genes as they can find no cause for it.

So please go and see your doctor sooner rather than later as if it is left unchecked you are liable to have a stroke.

Most definately!!! You are flirting with a heart attack or a stroke at those levels and need to be put on medication quickly. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Your top number can be a littile higher than 120 but the bottom number goes up over 100 then you definately need help. Dont put it off and get to the doctor.

yes too high.get to ER now.GO.

Pat K
Absolutely it is too high, way too high, both numbers. You need to see a doctor and get it down.

jackie m
who took the blood pressure? was it done right? if it is this then its to high, mine was 145/86 and doctor said it was borderline - I have to go back later today.

def too high. go the the er as it needs to be treated asap

This is High. Mine was 152/91 and I've had to go on tablets. You are at risk. I urge you to see a doctor and have your Cholesterol checked at the same time. Good Luck

Yes, it is very high. If it has been running this way for a few days then you need to go to the doctor. You might need to be put on blood pressure medication. Your body changes as it gets older

Hi there,
sorry to tell you this but you have high blood pressure....but don't worry to much because you can make it better just as i did.
Here is my story: Since around the age of 7yrs i was involved in sport. I enjoyed football and played in every school football team as well as competing in Athletics and various other sports. At the age of 14 i enrolled into a Karate course. At age 21 i gained my coveted Karate Black belt. I continued competing in various sports just as i do today. What i am trying to explain here is this: I have been involved in sport from an early age and have always classed myself as being very fit and with no ailments, that was of course until in 1996 when i had a thorough medical. They found that i had high blood pressure, 180/110. I did not understand the complications of this until my doctor explained. He told me that this reading was high and that he would need to carry out further checks to see if any damage had been done to my body because of the high blood pressure. Thankfully no other damage was done and i regularly take medication to control the blood pressure. Conclusion: I thought that i was a strong and healthy person that had no physical ailments or problems.....how wrong i was!
By the way i live in the UK and i am 46 yrs of age.

You have got Stage 2 Hypertension. Save your kidney by reducing hypertension.
Hypertension is sustained elevation of resting systolic BP (≥ 140 mm Hg), diastolic BP (≥ 90 mm Hg), or both. Hypertension with no known cause (primary; formerly, essential hypertension) is most common. Hypertension with an identified cause (secondary hypertension) is usually due to a renal disorder. Usually, no symptoms develop unless hypertension is severe or long-standing. Diagnosis is by sphygmomanometry. Tests may be done to determine cause, assess damage, and identify other cardiovascular risk factors. Treatment involves lifestyle changes and drugs, including diuretics, β - blockers, Ace Inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers, and Ca channel blockers.

john h
Get yourself to your doctor asap your blood pressure is way to high, go to chemist and buy a bottle of 75 mg of soluble Aspirin and take one each morning but do go to your doctors


peter o
yes it is.

what ever goes
hiya ,well this is quite high for a man of your age.
was this done at the doctors,or did you do the reading yourself?
there can be many factors in this reading,such as weight,are you over weight,do you eat fatty foods,is your job a stressful one.it can be resoved simply by changing your life style.and you need to find out if high bp,ot heart conditions run in your family.please dont worry get to your gp,and medication will sort it out as well as a differant life style like i said.

good luck
D xx

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