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Blood Pressure help?
I recently got my blood pressure taken at my sister's house with an at home blood pressure monitor.. It says that my blood pressure is 131/90.. Is this something I should be concerned about? Will it go down soon? Do I need to go to the doctor to get it checked out real soon? Thanks!

Going down really depends on your diet, stress level, do you smoke, drink, there are lots of things. You probably should see your doctor.

You may be able to find some factors to help you at


normal is 120/80 and anything between120/80 and 140/80 is considered prehypertension, it may just be stress from the Christmas season, but keep it checked often,like once a day if it dont go down have your doctor check it, you may just need to adjust your diet, or lose a couple of lbs,good luck and Merry Christmas!!!

robert m
Your systolic the larger number on top is high normal the lower number on the bottom is too high but your on the line. You only had one reading. Blood pressure fluctuates. By all means go to your doctor. He is the one who decides. Don't let a lay person steer you wrong. You'll be just fine.

your doctor is the only one that can diagnose you with hypertension for sure. some at home monitors are not as accurate as a reading from your doctor. Also blood pressure fluctuates depending on what you body is doing for example if you are stressed out or in pain your BP will be slightly higher or if you haven't had adequate fluid intake it may be low. Also your reading isn't overly high and one slightly high reading does not mean there is a problem. Check it occasionally and if concerned still, ask your doctor.

well, my pressure used to be like that but, the doctor was real concerned about that bottom number so, therfore your bottom number is kinda high. but, i would like to ask you a question are you on a duretic and a high blood pressure pill or are you just on a duretic? and you should go to the dr and get it checked it out just to make sure everything is okay. good luck....

unless something happened to make your heart rate go up like you got excited then you should have it checked out. the bottom is somewhat high. also it your eating salt you should stop. but it's best to let a doctor check it.

Lisa H
A one time reading with a home blood pressure monitor is not enough to diagnose someone's blood pressure. I would write down this reading and then once a week for three weeks have it taken while you are out shopping at one of those machines that are in the stores. If your readings remain the same or higher a call to your physician or their nurse might be in order. You don't mention if you have annual physicals or a family history of blood pressure. This would be considered a borderline or moderate level to begin treatment such as dietary changes, lower sodium, exercise and then possibly the introduction of a diuretic (water pill ) to decrease the pressure. The earlier you treat high blood pressure the better the long term results and prevention of any stroke, heart attack etc.

Some of the home blood pressure monitors are very inaccurate. Your numbers are high, but not excitable. I would check my pressure again for three consective days, first thing in the morning, again at noon, and before bed. Write them down. If you notice a trend, then see your doctor. Especially if hypertension runs in your family. If you haven't had a physical examination in a while, including blood sugar and fasting cholesterol levels, then now is the time to schedule one.

high blood pressure is diagnosed after many measures as u read before, so donot warry about one meausre.you didnot mention ur AGE, 130/90 may be considered normal in elderly.Last thing to say: put an end to all of this by simple meausring of the bl. pressure on diffrent times.if still 130/90 decrease salt intake & do some exercises that will be effective.

your blood pressure should be 130 over 60 see a doctor

Dr. Dendroo
Short answer - no problem and stop worrying or else your blood pressure will go up! Blood pressure is a variable measurement, something like the temperature outside. It's not a fixed measure. You may have 131/90 when measured, then, two hours later, have 122/78, then, two hours later, have 144/92.

The supposed "ideal" blood pressure is 120/80, but in general, there's no big deal if the higher number is under 140 and the lower number is 90 or below, and even a little higher isn't terrible.
If you get stressed, your numbers will rise, no matter how healthy you are.

The 131/90 would be great for a middle aged person. If you are young, it might be a tad high and I would look at your other health issues. Are you at an appropriate weight level? Do you exercise? If you are heavy and sedentary, getting active and losing weight will help you get your bp down a bit.

.Good b/p should be 117/ 70......if you smoke ,and your age ,and if you drank a lot of caffeine could have been a factor of it being a little high....good rule of thumb....top number (systolic) should be 100 plus your age.....bottom number (diastolic )should not be any higher than 80. 90 is high, no need to panic just keep an eye on it.Your resting heart rate should be about 70 to 80 beats per minute.....

Legolas' Babe
Well, don't panic. There is always a possibility that her machine needs recalibrated.

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