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 I have a serious heart condition. I don't smoke, but when others around me do, it hurts, can you explain this?
I am 19 years old, never smoked (nor tried) anything in my life, don't drink (wouldn't even if I was 21). I was born with a rare heart disease called Tricuspid Atresia. Basically, I was ...

 Why is it bad to smoke while on a respirator?
why is it bad to smoke while on a respirator?...

 Werid heart beat when i lay down?
hi im only 14 and since yesterday i have this weird heart beat when i lay down nothing hurt my heart just kinda flutter's and have an weird heart beat. what would cause this?
Additional D...

 I am in 40's years old, i need good way to reduce TG (trigelcride)?

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 If someone were to have a mild heart attack how long would they be in the hospital? Overnight? Days?

 I want to know the medicine for heart attack?
What is the medicine that will relief the HEART ATTACK? I mean strong one....

 Is something wrong with my heart?
Sometimes when i stand up, after sitting calmly without doing anything, after i stand up, i can feel my heart pumping blood into my head really fast, and my head is throbbing with the heart beats, ...

 Dating a cardiac nurse - what should I know???
I just went out with an amazing girl who is a cardiac nurse. I have no experience in the med field - what are the key things/terms I should know about cardiac nursing? Thanks!
Additional D...

Red Death 266
About how long do most people with bad hearts live?
Severe scarring from 2 heart attacks & only a 20% ejection refraction & a defibilater inplanted
Serious people only please


no name
that really depends on the person and how well they take care of themselves

Laurence W
If you do very slow and careful rehab, excellent diet, a few years, at least, are possible.

Statistically, I don't know the typical survival.

embroidery fan
The people I have known with bad hearts (things like quadruple bypasses & several heart attacks) all seem to live at least 5 years after that.

my brother in law has lived years with 2 open heart operations and a pacemaker.not much heart left.so it is all up to God

My dad had his first heart attack at 40. They have put in stints, angioplasty He has had a quadruple bypass. He is now 72.

There is really no set rule. They had told my dad at 40 he had maybe 10 years. The docs were wrong. He also continued to drink and smoke for several years after his first heart attack. He didn't follow any of the Drs orders. It is a miracle that he is still going.

Do the best you can and see what happens. I do think the rehab helps. My dad has walked pretty consistently. I think that has helped him a lot.

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