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 Hoiw would the heart compensate to maintain normal blood flow if there is a leaky atrioventricular valve?

 My husband recently passed away in his sleep.?
He had rotator cuff surgery 5 weeks prior. His medication was increased 1 week prior to his death. He was taking APAP 5.0 500MG Hydrocodone. This was increased to APAP 7.5 500MG Hydrocodone. He ...

 Where is a good source to find effective ways to reduce blood pressure?

 Does excess alcohol cause aortic valve stenosis?

 Is back pain a symptom of a heart problem?

 My grandmother has an irregular beating of her heart, can you tell me why? and how can she cure it?
(she says it stops for one beat and then beats faster....)...

 What side effects from Metoprolol, prescribed for blood pressure?
what are the dangers if any from taking metroprolol for high blood pressure and what side effects if ...

 Do i have a heart problem?
i went through a terrible heart breaking situation with me husband last year which i havent gotten over it yet, since then i have pains in my heart, sometimes very sharp and painful, sometimes it ...

Is bradycardia a constant thing or can it come and go?...

 My sister died from an embulism. could this have been prevented?
she broke her ankle she needed surgery after surgery they put on a castfor 2 weeks then they put on a boot cast and 18 days from the time she broke her ankle she is dead. the cause they say is an ...

 What is this?
Okay it happens a lot.Last night I went to the movies and during the previews I couldn't breathe.My heart started hurting SO BAD!I felt like I was dieing.I started crying and my mom told me it ...

 What is considered too low for blood pressure?

 Why would a Dr. refuse to sign a death certificate ?
Hi, my father past away in 2003 of an aortic anurisum and the previous year he had shoulder surgery, and in march 2003 is when he found out about his heart ,he was sceduled to have another surgery on ...

 Low blood pressure?
my mum has extremely low blood pressure which causes her loads of probs, she now been told she has to have a blood tranfusion every 3 weeks for life as she has low antibodies .can tyoe explain why?...

 Can caffene raise your blood pressure.?
I have low blood pressure and feel sulggish many times. W
hen i drink coffee i fell more alert. Why??
Additional Details
i do not know if it makes a difference but i have a ...

 For those people who have had a heart attack or who have heart disease...did?
you have symptoms beforehand? If so, how did they feel?

(curious - a heart attack is my biggest fear)
Additional Details
I am interested in hearing about symptoms which might ...

 I am taking ramipril 2.5 mg twice a day. can i change it to one 5 mg tablet once day. will the effect be same?

 My daughter has a heart murmur, is that bad?
I took her to the Dr's today and her dr told me that she has a small hole in her heart....she couldn't explain very much to me but they prescribe some medication that she has to take for ...

 29% heart function what does that mean?
my mom has had triple by pass and a pace maker now the doctrs say she only has 29% heart ...

 Congestive heart?

90 year old man what should his heart beat be?


His heart is good enough as long as it's actually beating

The average heart rate of a man is 70 beats per minute. Someone mentioned target range, that is only for excercising.

Anything over 100 is considered a tachycardia and should be brought to the doctors attention. Anything less than 60 beats per minute is considered bradycardia and whould be brought to a doctor's attention as well.


this sounds wierd but his target heart range should be 93.0-89.0 bpm

Dr. L
normally should be anywhere between 85 and 110 beats/minute ...could be lower or higher depending......

Depends on how active he is. My grandpa sits on his tush all day long. Many other people are like this. Resting heart rate will probably be around 60 in this case. If he is active, 80-85 would be fine too. Basically, anywhere from 60-85 is a normal resting heart rate. A little lower isn't a big deal and a little higher isn't a big deal either.

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