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35yrs old male what is good/bad blood pressure?
35yrs don't know 2 much about blood pressure would like to know 118/84 pulse77 or 136-70 pulse 76 is good/bad, i am always told thats ok but @ what pressures or numbers is not ok any more or unsafe.

iv 350 ringers lactate stat, kmg 365, rampart ' rampart enroute with one male 35 yoa, with great bp, nonresponsive pupils, severe blistering of the fingertips, kmg 365 over

ask you doctor dude.. the people here will tell you good stuff but when it comes to health and welfare of your body,,,, do you trust the internet blogs???????

ethnicity, lifestyle, age and body weight affects blood pressure...

130/90 is the normal BP for adults..

anything below or above that can be categorize to mild-hypertension or mild hypotension to moderate and severe hypo/hypertension.,..

the normal pulse is 60-100beats/minute averaging 80.. :-)

There is no such thing as a normal bp. It's more along the lines of what's normal for you. The "average" bp is 120/80 but if you normally are 100/60 and you get a "average" reading there is something wrong. 136/70 isn't a good one though. They are too far apart. Normally the bp is around 40 different. Usually with a reading like that they will do it again to make sure the reading is right. If the reading is right they would just monitor it for the next time.

A good page for BP information is http://www.smart-heart-living.com/high-blood-pressure.html

Lots of other good information on that site for living a heart healthy lifestyle to help prevent or to live with heart disease.

Good luck!

Normal blood pressure is 120/80, but it's normal for this to be lower in younger, healthy individuals. Anything above 140/85 is getting high, and should be checked out.
Normal pulse is 60-100 beats per minute.
The pressures and pulses that you reported are fine.

Your blood pressure should be 120/80 or less. If the diastloic number (the bottom number) goes over 90, you need to have it checked. Your pulse should be somewhere between 70-100. So, it sounds like you are a pretty healthy guy. Keep up what you are doing.

Marko M
The normal Range for that age would be:

Pulse Rate: 60-100
BP: 120/80
RR" 12-20

Hope I helpeded..

120-140/60-90 is considered the normal range......but everybody is different ....what u need to do is take ur bp every day for a week to establish a baseline bp that way u know whats normal for u.....your readings look fine .

funke mercy
well a good blood pressure is from systolic140/ diastoic60 and the bad blood pressure is 160/80 which people with bad blood pressure get hypertensive and good is hypotensive. so the both blood pressure is good. the pulse rate is also okay. goodluck.

118/84 is ok... as long as your systolic (that's 118) is not higher than 140 and you're diastolic bp(that's 84) is not higher than 90 then you're ok.. add or less 20 from 120/80 is good. but lower or higher than not is a big no no. pulse should range from 60-100.

120/80 is what is considered textbook b/p and pulse is normal anywhere from 60-100. Dr's will begin calling b/p borderline high if it hits about 140-150/90.

The first number is your systolic and the 2nd number is your diastolic reading.

Anything over 120/80 isn't good. The higher the diastolic, the worse it is. A blood pressure reading of 140/90 is considered hypertension. Anything over 180/115 is serious trouble!

I'm 44 years old and my BP is 118/78 most of the time. Stress, being overweight, and genetics play a part in your BP readings.

American Heart Association recommended blood pressure levels

Blood Pressure Category Systolic
(mm Hg) Diastolic
(mm Hg)
Normal less than 120 and less than 80
Prehypertension 120–139 or 80–89

Stage 1 140–159 or 90–99
Stage 2 160 or higher or 100 or higher

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