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My Blood Pressure:

Systolic 132
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Is this ok?
Additional Details
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150/90 blood pressure---what does the 90 mean?

The top number, which is the systolic pressure, indicates the period of contraction in the ventricles (which are the lower chamers of the heart).
The bottom number, which is the diastolic pressure, indicates the instant of maximum cardiac relaxation...the period between contractions of the atria (top chambers of the heart) or the ventricles during which blood enters the relaxed chambers from the systemic circulation (the body) and the lungs.
Hope this helps....it's a little hairy to understand, but makes sense if you think it through.

The high number is the pressure on your system when your heart beats, The low number is the pressure remaining on your veins in between beats. Meaning there's still a fair amount of pressure on your veins between beats.You're borderline hypertension. 130/80 or thereabouts is normal.

Dr Noni Walia
Most people have answered your question about what is 90.
I'll only add that this is not abnormal if you had not had this raised pressure on at least 2 different occasions; measured after 30 mins of complete rest.

the top number is your systole which is the rate at which your heart is pumping and the lower number is your diastole which is the rate at which your heart is at rest

That means that you should seek medical attention.

It means you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE I would say to go to a doctor immediately as this is high blood pressure. This is not borderline or anything else, it is simply high blood pressure. I have high blood pressure and it can be extremely dangerous when left untreated so please do the best thing for yourself and go to a doctor ASAP and get them to check you out. Also, cut out caffeine, salt and exercise more to try to lose some extra wright (even if you think you don't need to lose wright). Good luck and I hope your BP goes down soon :-)

The first number is the amount of pressure on your vien when the heart pumps (beats) and the second number is the pressure when your heart rests between pumps.

90 means the pressure when the heart is between pumps. Your 150/90 blood pressure is a bit high. 120/80 is the best. I suggest you see a doctor.

Karen F
Blood pressure refers to the amount of pressure exerted against the walls of the blood vessels when your heart beats, or pumps blood. The top number - yours is 150, is the systolic. This is when the heart actually beats, or contracts, and is the most pressure exerted against the blood vessel walls. The bottom number - yours is 90, is the diastole. This is when the heart actually relaxes between beats or contractions. It is the least amount of pressure exerted against the blood vessel walls. Depending on your age, 90 would be considered moderately high for a diastolic reading. Normal is below 85. 150 would also be a little on the high side for systolic. Depending on your age, it should be around 120-130. Hope this helps.

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