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 How do you best deal with chest pains?
cause i'm in constant chest pain and my doctor said it was nothing a gave me a needle that was supoosed to help me in 24 hours and its been a week and i have to go on a camp on Friday ( 5 days ...

 Hi! How does a band-aid make sumthin stop bleedin?
Well most people don't put their band-aids on real tight so how does it put enough pressure on the cut to make it clot and stop bledin?...

 What's the best way to drink barium?
I have to drink barium for a CT scan and the stuff makes me want to vomit. Any suggestions?...

 Do you support...?
Do you supprot these walk-a-thons or any type that might help the future of our people? Like the Cancer Walk-a-Thon or something? and If you did which one you prefer? If not, how come?...

 Can you overcome crack addiction without professional help?
My boyfriend has smoked crack for a longtime. He's been in detox a few times and is clean for a couple months then relapses. He doesn't have the medical insurance to go into longterm ...

 Any home remedies for an earache?

 I recently had an ear infection it affected both ears, i can barely hear now, do you know how to fix that?
it feels like i have air bubbles in my ears
Additional Details
I dont have any health insurance, do you know if there is anything i can do at home to help?...

 Where can someone go to get healthcare in texas when they are unemployed and cannot afford to pay?

 Helpppppp!!!! please?
is my friend anorexic??
she dosen't like to eat around ppl
she is skinny but thinks she is fat
she is 11 5 foot 6 and 93 pounds

is she anorexic

and in case ...

 Does anyone know if garlic tablets really repel mosquitoes?
I was told that they do by someone that went to Canada once and they said they never bothered them while they were there. Were going there and I was hoping that might work.
I bought the odorless ...

 My aunt husband got stung by a hornet and his hand been swollen for more than a day what do he do?
his hand is mad big it look like a ...

 Does it mean something when your palm itches?
I mean the flat surface on your hand....

 I have a terrible habit of nail biting, what are good ways of getting rid of this habit?
I have bit my nails for a while now. I don't even realize I do it sometimes. Does anyone have suggestions?...

 Is there anyway to make a band-aid hurt less when it comes off?

 Burn bubble on hand help plz!!!!!!!!?
Well i was at work and i burnt my hand on the grill and now i have like a massive bubble on my knuckle and im not sure if i should pop it with a pin or just let it stay what should i do plz!!!!! HELP ...

 Urgent care?
do i need a app. to go to an urgent care doctors office?
Additional Details
its not an emergency, but i cant get an app. till next week but it cant wait that ...

 Looking for new ways to help relieve severe arthritis pain...?
my 62 year old mother has suffered with arthritis for over 10 years... she has tried just about every rub and pill there is... she hates doctors, and is looking for more over the counter things to ...

 Razor burn and accidentally putting deodorant on it ! HELP?
kay so when i was taking a shower and shaving my armpits, i accidentally cut myself and i got razor burn. then idk wat i was thinking..when i got outta the shower i put deodorant on
and the ...

 What does it mean when they say that put a cold compress on it ?
what is a cold ...

 I felt so restless when I got into bed and couldn't get comfortable.?
I get into bed and can't seem to get comfy. I get the urge to move, turn over, etc. But this urge will not go away and I can't sleep. Does anyone know what causes this?...

Would you like to have a twin brother/sister?
is that true that twins not only look alike, but also have the same tastes, like to dress in a similar way etc. Would you like to have a twin or would you like to be the one, the one you are now?

Yeah. I could commit loads of crimes and stuff and blame the twin. (Identical twins have the same DNA).

I dont see any thrill in having a twin sister /brother but wht I always wanted and dream to have is a clone of myself/my offsprings.....cos thats where the whole fun lies...I hav read that they are exact identical twins( i mean their DNA, GENOME ETC). SInce people worldwide hav tried only on animals no one is able to say whether they behave similarly in every fashion.....I jus want to try and find the result.....wow the thought itself is very interesting!!!!

NO!!!! no way man!
Think of all the diper changing and baby-sitting my mom would make me do on Saturdays! And what if the twerps turn out to be aliens for mars? Then they'll kill everybody in the house and then 3 years later they'll rule the planet!!!!

I have a twin sister. I've always had a close bond with her. It's comforting to know she is always there.

yes. cause if i have a twin, i will never have to think hard to some problems. we'll help each other out.

yes i like twin

It's not true that all twins have the same taste, dress the same, think the same, etc. Some do, yet some are totally opposite from each other. Even the Olsen twins do not have a lot of the same things in common. I think that all twins though, do have a special bond with each other. Yeah, I'd love to have a twin sister/brother.

twins usually do not have everything the same, like tastes and hairstyles and stuff... just look at the olsen twins... mary kate is totally athletic and tomboyish! I wouldn't want someone that looks like me and talks like me, but I think its great when a person can find a friend that is just like them... its like God's way of telling someone that you are cool enough to make a second of!!!

I love ya Shelby kay!


Hell yeah. I want a twin sister but not brothers.

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