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Will adding ground ginger to your tea or coffee help in releiving heartburn?
When you don't have pepto or tums or rolaids at hand I was wondering if ginger in the coffee or tea would help.

devora k
Not to coffee but in the words of my old grandmother who spoke with a Yiddish accent, "It vuodn't hoit. "

No it will not help

first, DO NOT drink that tea or coffee. They have tanic acid in them that upsets the stomach. A infusion (tea) made of Ginger will help your stomach feel better, boil some water, and add the Ginger powder, after about 5 minutes, strain the tea and drink it, or sometimes a bit of baking soda in a glass of water will help heartburn.

No, but adding a teaspoon of baking soda will.

Coffe and tea both cause heartburn! You are better off to make a plain Ginger tea - a few slices of fresh ginger Root, with a little honey, makes a nice drink. Also try Peppermint tea for heartburn - but lay off the caffienated stuff. If U really need the caffeine, try Cocoa.

if your problem is acid reflux disease a lotta times organic vinegar will help a lot. you can find this at Ingles or GNC. Take it twice a day w/ maybe honey or something. (2 tablespoons each dose)

Coffee and tea are hard to digest and will make heartburn worse. So will Ginger. Use mint instead. There is a reason mint is used in so many antacids. It does sooth the stomach.

Maybe Ginger in some tea, but coffee can cause heartburn and stomach upset, so I wouldn't drink that while having heartburn.
Another thing my uncle always did was dissolve a small amount of baking soda (about 1/2 a tsp) in a glass of water and drink it, which counteracts the acidity.
Don't overdo it on baking soda, though. Too much can raise your blood pH.

Susan M
I don't know. I use Ginger for a lot of things, but I think that the nature of Ginger is hot and the cause of heartburn,is acid which feels like a hot feeling. Maybe drinking and eating less of what causes the problem would be more effective.

coffee has caffine and bitter compounds that will make it worse.
Tea might be better or just put the Ginger in boiling water

lucky s,
Well natural things are always good,but it's only good with tea not coffee.

Ginger works in a upset stomach, it is not a recommendation for heartburn. Also put away the coffee, tea, spicy foods, and chocolate for awhile. Since you don't have the regular products, sip on some ice cold milk. This won't take the heartburn away, but it will cool the burning temporarily, by coating your Throat, the passage to the stomach and lungs.

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