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Will Desitin (for baby's diaper rash) work on an adult rash as well?
Going commando can have its drawbacks working on a movie set 19 hours.


Yes, but Gold bond works better.

I don't see why not. It's the same skin. Have you tried Gold Bond powder or Anti-Monkey Butt (yes, thats the name of it)?

Here's the world's best kept secret -- Vaseline. Use it on everything. It works WONDERS on my baby's diaper Rash. Her pediatrician says she laughs at people who spend money on A&D (main ingredient: petrolatum) or use Desitin religiously, even though it doesn't really work that great.

Try the Vaseline overnight and you will be amazed!

I'll second the vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly, when you come down to it, the price is right. You can buy an awful lot of petroleum jelly for the price of one tube of the others.

The whole idea of preventing and controlling rash is keeping the skin dry but moisturized at the same time. The others do nothing more than that, they just do it more expensively. Just make sure no matter what you use you don't mind it getting on your underclothing, it will get on it, like it or not.

The best way to rid yourself of the rash in the first place is lots of fresh air whenever you have the chance and keep the area dry, dry, dry, while Moisturizing it to keep the skin itself from drying out.

Good luck.

You know what I use? A & D ointment. It works wonders.

Big mama
yes it can, provided the rash is not from a fungus.

Of course it will.

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