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 When you get a boo boo?
Or a scratch, dont you find it kind of fun to take care of it, and wash it and put neosporin and dress it up....

 Whats the best way to get a bandaide off?
Without it hurting so much. Please don't tell me quickly.
Additional Details
I had to make up a question. I have a high, high tolerance of pain. LOL. Thank you for your ...

 Please help me?
i cut my finger and it wont stop bleeding. its been bleeding for 10 minutes now. i have it wrapped in a paper towel cuz i dont have band-aids. i put pressure on it but its still bleeding. what should ...

 I want to take my nose ring out...? help?
ok so today i pierced my nose by myself now im getting scared that it might get infected or something so i want to
take it out. when i take it out what should i put on the hole?
since i ...

 How can i become an emt?
i am a 2nd yr student at loyola? i am intrested inm the
EMT program,i want to know how long will it take to become a paramedic, is there a diffrence between emt and a perimedic? will it look ...

 Sunburn! HeLp PlEaSe lOoK HeRe!?
Additional Details

 How can you wake a person that is drunk...are there any posibilities..?Pls help me?

 How do I speed up my skin's healing from mosquito bites?
I went to a BBQ last weekend and got attacked by mosquitos.

I have never been biten like this in my life before! I've never had this type of reaction. The bites are red and raised, ...

 Cut on face, how long do I need to leave Band-Aid on?
I must have scratched my face in my sleep last night because I woke up with a small cut. I would like it to heal before the weekend so I put Neosporin and a Band-Aid over it because I read that is ...

 Are there any free CPR classes in Charlotte North Carolina?

 What is good for bug bites?
I think it's a masquito bite?...

 Anyone else here an EMT?
We see and deal with some pretty scary stuff. Some peple just aren't grateful now adays... sometimes I wonder if its all worth it. What do you think?...

 What is it?
Ive been sick for 4 days it started out like a regular sore throat so i just garled salt water ...but day by day it got worse and now i cant even swallow with out crying or extreme pain and im pretty ...

 What is included in a first aid kit?

 Spider bite?
So when I woke up this morning, there was this pimply thing on my arm that I assumed was an ingrown hair. Well since then it came to a head and when I squeezed it a little bit of puss came out. I ...

 Do you ever leave your shoelaces untied, just to 'live life on the edge?'?
Living dangerously, what an adrenaline rush....

 What is your version off the meaning of life? mine is?
1. Born.

You come alive.

2. Learn.

You have to learn how to read, write, walk, talk after learning to do all this you go out to work.



 What good does marijuana do?
There's this person I really care about who I cannot talk out of using marijuana.He has a very good argument and I am running out of ways to get him out of the habit.Although he uses it as a ...

 I am having Tinnitus with slight pressure?
I have an Audiologist appointment in three weeks (too long). I have been having unusually loud Tinnitus with a little buzzy distortion with external sound or music. But I also feel a slight pressure ...

 What medication can i take when suffering with acid reflux?

Emma S
Why don't you put ice on a burn?
I've always wondered why you don't put ice on a burn, anybody know why?

Hm...I don't know why? Why dont try? Cone just taste better i suppose =-S

you should put ice on a burn to cool the skin. cause butter makes it keep cooking your skin.

You DO put ice on a burn!!!

It's butter that you don't put on a burn. Ages ago, that's what people put on them.

Miss Tragedy™
woah there, you do put ice on a burn. but not directly!! always put a cloth around it and set it on there.

By putting ice on a burn, you can literally freeze the nerves underneath and damage them permanently. Because prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can destroy and harm any part of you ice will not help. If you get a mild 1st degree burn just run it under water for a few minutes then put a burn cream on it, slap a band-aid over it and call it a day. 2nd degree burns put a dry gauze pad on and check in with your doctor. 3rd degree call 911

That is highly recommended with 3rd degree burns.
Get to the hospital where you can get Silvedine to avoid infection. Wrap with a 4x4 gause, and vet wrap loosely.

Prolonged exposure to ice could damage the skin. If it is cold you desire, try a cold compress.
If ice is what you really want it is okay as long as you don't put it directly on the skin (wrap it in a cloth) and don't leave it on for more than 10 minutes.

Tami's got it don't put ice on exposed skin,cool compresses
or cool water .

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