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 Why do people talk in their sleep?
I've noticed my fiance talking in his sleep lately. It usually doesn't make sense what he is saying. But why would someone begin talking in their sleep?
Additional Details
We ...

 Is my ankle sprained? please answer i have a baby to take care of!?
I got it caught between the wood on my deck and the ground and fell on my deck. it is very brused and i can't put any weight on it. will i end up needing cruches?...

 What is the worst cut you have ever had?

 My grandma got stung by a wasp?
My grandma just got stung by a wasp. She's in a lot of pain, and I was just wondering if anyone knows of anything she could put on it, like some kind of home remedy. She already has ice on it. T...

 What happens if a woman takes viagara?

 Why am I itching ?
Here lately I have been itching and having welps break out on my skin....

 How do you get a 17 year old boy to realize that he needs counsuling for anger issues and obsession?
My boyfriend is totally o bsessed with me first of all.. he always cries when i yell at him.. when he gets super mad he doens't know how to control is anger.. how do i get him to realize he ...

 I Got Bit Twice By A Brown Recluse?
I noticed a spider bite Wednesday morning on my thigh. Didnt think much of it. Thursday morning I woke up with one on the bottom of my bottom. They both looked like normal spider bites. The ones that ...

 I have an eye problem?
Ok, I have a really bad eye problem
1st I have a black dot that floats around my right eye. I dont always notice it, but its a lot more noticable when I move my head a lot, like when copying ...

 Does only the female mosquito bite and if so why not the male?

 Did u ever read or hear or know about somebody who medically died and then came to life again?

 What is the proper position to hold the head during a nose bleed?
my daughter suffers from severe nosebleeds and ive taken her to two different doctors to see what can be done about it. the only thing they keep telling me to do is keep her nose lubricated with ...

 Some how the nail on my left pinky toe got ripped is there anything i can do to keep it from ingrowing?

Additional Details
ther isn't much of it left my pinky toe is really small and so the nail isn't very big
i can't cut ...

 How to soothe a sunburn and stop the burning over night?
i work at the ferry's at port aransas tx and i got a sun burn that hurts on a scale of 1-10 its a 4 and i go to work in about 18 hrs what are some ways to get rid of the pain permantly orver ...

 Why do women live longer than men?

 Hand sanitizers?
I have Purell hand sanitizer moisturizer and vitamin e. Does hand sanitizers really clean your hands when water and soap aren't around?...

 Bite still itching?
Last summer I got bit by a small wasp looking insect, and the bite still is red and extrememly itchy.

Is this serious?

 When a babes born why they cry ?

 How long does it take for sunburn blisters to go away?
some people say pop them and some say its a bad idea. i dont know what to do. i am putting aloe vera and other first aid creams and also for sunburns. its like 3rd day. i have a few blisters and they ...

 How much water should one drink per day?

Why does my face always peel after tanning in a tanning bed?
I have a tanning bed. My face always peels after tanning. I want to know why, and how to prevent it.

because your face is receiving an intense about of UV's in a short period of time and you are drying (and frying) your skin. Try putting on a really good tanning lotion before going in and then a good cream afterwards.

Peeling skin is damaged,dead skin. You are basically cooking your skin. Tanned skin is cooked, dehydrated skin. Think leather.

There is no way around it. If you want the tanned look use spray-on or self tanners. Or follow the lead of someone like Nicole Kidman. She luxuriates in her fair, beautiful, soft, undamaged skin.

The way to prevent it is the same way to avoid the damage. Don't use a tanning bed. Or the sun.

well...tanning can cause skin cancer so you shouldn't do that..aiight

Your skin is loosing moisture. This drying of the skin can cause premature wrinkles. Try a moisturizer, or tanning lotion. Also to stop the burning, try cooling your skin with some cool water.

maybe you should wear some Sunscreen on your face when you are in there..be careful...you are cooking yourself slowly and its not the best thing for your skin if you didn't know.
As far as why it peels...its the same thing as peeling after being on the beach all day. do you need more of a scientific answer?

You are probably burning your skin.

maybe you're an Orange

Skin cancer

Do you know about skin cancer? What you are doing is dangerous and will lead to wrinkles and age spots. Never ever expose your skin this way. You will be very sorry one day.

If you want a tan, use one of the fake tanning sprays or lotions. It won't ruin your skin and your health.

It needs moisture have one of the girls at the tanning salon recommend something that they like

The simple answer is that you've burned your face. You'll know your face is burned if it gets red and hot 3-6 hours after the session. Many beds have facial lamps that you can turn off during the session (don't know about yours). So, halfway through the session, turn the facial lamps off, if you can. This will prevent facial over exposure. If you can't turn the lamps off, go get a towel and put it over your face halfway through to reduce exposure.

Also, use a lotion both before and after tanning. This should help prevent peeling.

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