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Just Bein' Me
Why does my chest and back hurt when I breathe?

I have Asthma and when I get a bad cold or an upper respatory infection my chest and back hurts. So maybe you should go to the Doctor. Hope you feel better soon.

Could be asthma/ chest congestion/ or even strangely enough wire bras. They can pinch a nerve.

If you lifted some weights or did some exercise that you were unaccustomed to, it might very well be a muscular pain. It couls also be due to several other causes like osteochondritis (a disease that may be affecting your ribs) or pleuritis (which is inflammation of the membranes covering your lungs) or pneumonia, in which case u might have cough fever or other symptoms. It is less likely to be due to a heart problem, if it increases with breathing. If you are otherwise having no problems, you could try Tylenol for a few days, but if it doesnt go, then u shd deefinitely seek medical help. If you have any other associated symptoms like fever or shortness of breath or cough or if the pain is severe, it is best to see a doc.

If its a sharp stabbing kind of pain it could be a spasm in the chest/heart area. does it hurt more when you inhale deep and/or exhale deep?

There are MANY reasons to why your breathing might become difficult. It might be asthma, lung cancer, you name it. I suggest that you go see your doctor as soon as possible. (Don't do vigorous exercises)

It could be many things. You should go to your doctor or chropractor. I sometimes have that problem but I have had alot of injuries to my body. My ribs move and then I feel like I'm having a heartattach.it is real hard to breath.

very likely to be asthma..... my older brother was just diagnosed with it and he's 20 now.

asthma can be very uncomfortable and bad in spurts, and an inhaler could help you out a lot, i'd say.
i've had asthma most of my life....


You should go to the doc as soon as possible...

could be bronchitis? Or it could be a pulled muscle.

You've got tuberculosis. Or something

Have a doctor check it. That's not normal.

D'Artagnan Pluck
Could be muscular. Go get a good back massage. There are muscled in your back that connect to your chest, and it can give you cramps that feel like you are having a heart attack with every breath.

If that doesn't help, see your doctor. Better yet, see you doctor first.

I get that sometimes. I put it dwn to the fact that I have shallow breathing. You may have developed athsma or summat?! I'd go to the doctor, it might be more serious than you think.

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