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 Is it possible to fall 114ft and live?
would you be die while falling or be so injured that you would be hospitalize for life?
Additional Details
sorry for not adding more details, but if you hit the ground dirt or concrete ...

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is it better to be burnt alive or frozen alive?...

 I'm 15,5'4ish,and i wiegh 220-230lbs.How can diet without feeling depressed?
I walk everyday. I don't have a stepometer thingy so i don't know how many steps i take. I know i am overweight but i have muscals....

 My daughter go bit by a mouse?
My 19 month old daughter just got bit by a mouse in our house! My cats must have brought the baby mouse in the house and next thing I know she is crying "mousey" and I went to see what ...

 Not being physically attracted to anyone!?
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 Has anyone had lice?

 Im in needy help!!!!?
i just cant stop biting my nails. I bite when im anxious, nervous, or bored. How do I stop???...

 Any really good ideas on how to get to sleep?
I am 29 and I find it very hard to get to sleep at night. If I do get to sleep its on and off all night. Can someone tell me what to take or drink or do, to get a good nights sleep?...

 How do I get rid of dry scalp?

 How can i help a person who had struck with a major accident.. what kind of first aid should i give ?

 Argh! Please! Someone, do you know why my finger did this?
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 Cure for a runny nose?
sniff sniff :(...

 What antibiotics do you take when you get the flu?
Would amoxicillin work for that?...

 When does a baby start to talk?

 Do you hate yourself, i know i do?

Additional Details
i hate myself because i am not what i want ot be, any ...

 What do you think about when you're lying in bed and can't sleep?

 Spider bite, poisonous?
i got a bite on the side of my head while i was sleeping, it was enough pain to wake me up when it happend, so far i cant tell if its serious, i dont feel any thing unless i touch the area, or it may ...

 Cure for not able to sleep?
I am not tired at all but, I have to be up early. Any cures besides drugs that will give me some sleep? This is stress related....

Why does hand sanitizer only kill '99.9%' of germs?
On hand sanitizer, or achohal swabs say they only kill '99.9%' of bacteria or germs, whats the other '0.1%' of bacteria can't it kill?

Stubby hashbrown
that stuff is loserish

Nothing is perfect.

hand sanitizer can't be exact. it's impossible for all the germs on your hand to be gone.

They don't want to make false promises that they always kill everything bad. Also, there are a tiniest amount of germs you don't want to kill.

plant a tree
to cover their butts...or perhaps they are taking into account all the germs they have yet to discover?

Its just to say that most bacteria will be killed, but not all of it. Just the companies way of protecting itself, and the fact that there are so many differnt kinds of bacteria that regular hand sanitizer can't kill every kind.

that's been bothering me too

In all probability you can't kill 100% of things. Luckily for you! That .01% of whatever it's not killing is a breeding little germ/bacteria that is immune to the alcohol stuff. So you're cross selecting for a lovely super germfest on going on on your hands! Whoever shakes your hand next is a very (un)lucky person!

Canadian Guy
Hand Sanitizers are complete BS and they contain carconogenics.

It probably CAN kill all the normal bacteria, but they can't claim that it kills 100% because some idiot would find one bacteria that the stuff missed, and sue for false advertising

So they can't get sued if their sanitizer doesn't work properly...

Double Tech
It's to give it a probable warning to people that there might be some bacteria out there that can't be killed with alcohol.

Legal reasons. If they say 100% and even one germ survives, then we could sue.

Lisa E
It probably CAN kill all the normal bacteria, but they can't claim that it kills 100% because some idiot would find one bacteria that the stuff missed, and sue for false advertising.

The reason why science exists is because we haven't solved everything yet. Germs are microscopic, and it was only very recently that they discovered an actual cure for viruses and germs. You should be glad, not critizing, of the '99.9%' on your hand sanitizer.

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