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how can you cure swelling problems from a bee sting?
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 Patient in hospital beds are rotated every 2 hours to prevent bedsores. why is this procedure effective?

Why do my burps smell like boiled eggs?
I have been lite headed, burping a lot, and my stomach tight and aching.

i think proper digestion of food is not taking place.you better go for detoxification therapy for few days by consulting your doctor.

� Fuzzy Dice
The food that you eat will determine what your burps smell like, a chemical reaction takes place while food is digested.

King of Hearts
Its acidity.

Stop eating boiled eggs!

the acid in your body. it's sorta toxic. kind of like farts

Your burps should only smell like eggs if you've eaten them. If they smell like that and you haven't, better go see a doctor or a gastroenterologist who can diagnose you properly.

You should get that checked. It doesn't sound like anything that's a common occurance.

John C
Because they contain gasses that smell like eggs.

swamp angel
Cuz your nasty,No,for real, it has to do with the food you ate.If you eat food high in sulpher, the worse your gas will smell.take some antacids, or better yet a baking soda solotion, a spoonfull of baking soda mixed in a glass of water,you will beltch but you will feel better,but dont do this if you are on a sodium restricted diet.

The Grand Inquisitor
Colon cancer...go see the doc.

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