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 Please help!!! i need lots of anwsers?
hi ive been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years and we are having a baby together. Well he recently told me about his grandmother who used to lock all the grandmchildern in her upstairs when ...

 How do you beat type 11 diabetes?

 Has People ever said to u that u look mad all the time?
But u are not..i don't know what my face looks like but when i am busy doing my own thing people say i look mad...Hmmmmmm..heck i am not even thinking ...

 I accidently swallowed Proactiv?
I used proactiv and didnt wash my hands . I accidently somehow licked my finger or something dont rember. Now i got a stomach ache. Am i gonna be OK?
Ive been drinking lots of water and still ...

 Can some one give me answers ? plz?
Can some one tell me how to ease lower back pain ?...

 How to deal with bee sting?
Just got bee sting on my arm. It is getting reddish and a bit swollen now. How shall I take care of this?...

 What do you call the (rope) that's used to cut off the blood supply to a wound?
Is there a special name for it, I think it begins with 't'?
Do they use it in hospitals or just war zones and that kind of thing?

Sorry for being vague....

 I get dizzy when i feel a bit too hot-like if i'm taking a hot shower for too long or while doing my dishes
I feel better only when i sit down for a few minutes and drink some water.Is this low bp? What could be the cause and what measurements can i take to avoid it?...

 How can I improve my ability to concentrate?

 How to get rid of headaches?

 I can see a dust like particle/spot and it moves along with the direction i view. its bothering my view?
i can see a dust like particle/spot and it moves along with the direction i view. its bothering my view. However, once i stopped it and saw...That spot had some thin black stripes around with very ...

 Why am i feeling dizzy?
After going on a roller coaster twice 2 weeks ago, I have been having dizzy spells even when i am lying down or turning around whilst lying down i also get head rushes. Is this vertigo, or something ...

 Help on a possible broken hand/wrist.?
Hey i was out with a mate messing around i punched him in the arm playfully and he raised his arm i hit his elbow quite hard and my knuckle bruised istantly between 1-5minutes now you know where your ...

 What is the shape of the cross used for crucifixion? Was it a captial T or a lolwer case t?
Did Jesus die on a T or a t?

If you are blond, press the back button and look at another question. For everyones' sake, don't even bother with this one....

Mercury Liquid from amalgum splashed into my eyes and face, I washed it.
What other things could i do?...

 Why,when I burn my fingertips then touch my earlobes , dont I get burned?
If you directly touch your earlobes after burning your fingertips ,the burn feels like it travels away from your fingers ,and you dont get burned , but why?...

 Would you like to be immortal? Why/why not?

 How do you get a splinter out of your hand?
I can't get it out of my sons hand, it's in the palm of his hand? Please help...If I can't get it out should I take him to a dr. to get it removed?...

 When i get a cut, it bleeds alot!?
lately i have notcied that i am bleeding more than usual when i get a cut. ( i am a kultz so i am prone to getting them!) A few days ago i cute my finger while picking up my binder (i dont know how ...

 Where can i get velcro holder for ice to relieve knee pain?

Why do I feel sleepy most of the time?

cuz u sleep very less....or next problem can be that ur body has probs....last year i had probs with being tired and everybody told that it was ok....but then i got 40 degrees fever and went to doctor and it was found out my kidneys are on strike....cuz of them i was still tired and wanted only sleeping...

cutie pie
probably cuz u don't sleep enough

oh me too....

maybe you are depressed in order to feel better you should do some exercise

Besides sleeping hour. You might be not having a balance diet. A good diet will improve our blood cell to get on to work and flight virus in our body. Get up and do some exercise. It helps.

maybe because you sleep too much, or not enough

If this is a female then you might be preganat or just that time of the month is coming. You might not get enough sleep during the night so you may want to take a nap during the day if you can to make up for the lost time at night.

Probably cause you don't get enough sleep.........

-too much sleep
-not enough sleep
-junk food
-lack of exercise

poison ivy
- not enough sleep
- lack of motivation

maybe because you are on Yahoo Answers until the wee hours of the morning???


To repeat, the size of your sleep debt determines the strength of the tendency or ability to fall asleep. If your sleep debt is zero, sleep is impossible. If your sleep debt is very low, only a small amount of stimulation is required to keep you awake. If your sleep debt is very large, no amount of stimulation can keep you awake.

Think of your sleep debt as a very heavy load. You are carrying with the help of two companions. Together, the three of you can hold it up. One of your companions is pretty strong. This companion is your biological clock. The other companion is not quite so strong, and represents transient external stimulation, e.g. noise, light, excitement, anger, pain, and so on. If one of your companions drops out, you and the other may be able to manage. If both companions drop out and you are left alone, you absolutely cannot hold up the heavy sleep debt and you are crushed. In other words, you cannot stay awake no matter how hard you try. Even without external stimulation, it is usually easy to stay awake and alert if your stronger companion, the biological clock, is helping you.

With the above image in mind, it should be clear that the things we usually assume cause us to become drowsy or to fall asleep actually do not cause us to become drowsy or to fall asleep. Their true role is to unmask any tendency to fall asleep that is present already. If you believe that boredom, a warm room, or a heavy meal causes sleep, you are completely wrong! If boredom, a warm room, or anything else seems to cause you to feel drowsy, you have a sleep debt and you need to be stimulated in order to stay awake. If you frequently feel sleepy or drowsy in any dull or sedentary situation, you almost certainly have a very large sleep debt. A large sleep debt makes us vulnerable to apathy, inattention, and unintended sleep episodes. Errors, accidents, injuries, deaths, and catastrophes can be the result, not to mention poor grades.

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